20 June, 2022

How can we increase the amount of semen in the ejaculate?

Does the sensation of ejaculating a large amount of semen excite you? Are you worried about the amount in your download? Don't worry; you're not alone.
10 June, 2022

Erotic furniture: a perfect complement for sex

This is our selection of erotic furniture and recommendations for its use...
31 May, 2022

The right lighting: the secret of eroticism

At Shiva Massages we have found the key in lighting to guarantee an eroticism that will make your skin crawl...
28 April, 2022
masajistas eroticas shiva espalda

Massage to improve erection

One of the biggest problems for men when it comes to having a sexual relationship is erectile dysfunction, but did you know that there are different solutions to be able to have an erection and be able to have satisfactory sexual relations.
10 April, 2022
Masaje de pene

How to give a penis massage?

All kinds of massages are pleasant and pleasurable, but specifically, erotic and sensual massages carry another charge and intentionality. In this case, we will talk about massages on the penis, how to do it, what its purpose is and the benefits it entails.
16 March, 2022

Demolishing myths of erotic massage

An erotic massage is not just a wellness treatment, it is an experience that, in addition to leading you to absolute relaxation like any massage, also introduces you to a state of superior wellness through pleasure.
11 March, 2022

Testicular stimulation: much more pleasure than you imagine

The testicles are one of the most important erogenous zones, a very sensitive area that is made up of millions of nerve endings.
9 March, 2022

Secrets of erotic massage that nobody has told you

A good erotic massage is the perfect combination of deep relaxation and stimulation of the erogenous zones to lead you to experience very intense pleasure.
21 February, 2022

Kamasutra: what you still did not know

Many people have heard about the Kamasutra and know that it is an ancient book related to sex.
17 February, 2022

Body body massage

The body body massage is also known as body to body massage since our masseuses use the whole body during this treatment, not just the hands.
15 February, 2022

The perineal massage

The perineum is a very sensitive area with many nerve endings that is located between the testicles and the anus.
11 February, 2022

Tantric Sex: The Four Key Postures

Tantric sex is a practice based on tantra, a philosophy of life of Eastern origin that uses sexual energy to achieve a connection with oneself.