Erotic Massages for Couples in Barcelona


1h - 1 masseuse
200€/ per Couple

1h - 2 masseuses
300€/ per Couple

Shiva Massages is the safest option if you want to relax from top to bottom with a treatment performed by professional erotic masseuses. In addition, they specialize in caring for couples who come to our center to live together an unforgettable experience.

In the couple massage, you can choose to receive the massage from the hands of one of our professional therapists or by two of our masseuses.

In the case of choosing two therapists, which is the most advisable, they can be the two female, or one female and the other one of the male masseurs who collaborate in our center of erotic massages.

In the receiver massage, it must be made clear that clients can not touch the therapists, but we take care of touching and giving pleasure with a series of movements that will leave you totally relaxed.

What is an erotic massage for couples?

This type of erotic massage is ideal for liberal couples and is designed for those who want to do something fun together. Undoubtedly, there is no better way out of the routine than to hire the services of an erotic massage couple in the hands of one of our professional erotic masseuses or two of them. In Shiva you can hire two masseuses at the same time, so they will be 100% with each person. We offer the possibility of two women or one male masseuse and one female masseuse.

The positive effects of massage are fully documented, and it is a practice that has been performed for centuries. Evidently, the Eastern tradition still has a specific weight when it comes to conceiving today's massage centres, and we do everything we can to create a pleasant environment for clients and thus maximise the benefits of the treatment.

How are erotic massages performed for couples?

Through the different techniques used by our specialized masseuses we will strengthen the bond of the couple. Sometimes it is difficult to keep the flame of love burning, as the day to day leads us to face problems that do not always have a simple solution.

We help you reconnect with your loved one by means of a massage that focuses on your pain points and, at the same time, manages to release physical and mental tensions that affect your well-being. To do this, our years of experience in the sector allow us to know the human body from top to bottom to give you the comfort and pleasure you deserve, so you can enjoy it together with your partner.

Which erotic massages can be performed?

In Shiva Massages we have a wide range of possibilities as far as treatments are concerned. The most recommendable thing is that you contact with us so that we inform you on how we can take care of you, in order to be able to assign you to the most suitable therapists.

However, it should be borne in mind that in all therapies the client is only a receiver. This means that you will not be able to touch the masseuses, but she will take the initiative and decide what and how to touch, but always following your instructions to optimize the repairing effect of the massage.

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Choose the erotic masseuse that you like most!

Shiva Massage let at your disposal more than 16 erotic masseuses so you can choose the one that best suits you. All of them are professional erotic masseuses with a great experience in erotic massages.