When a special occasion arrives, such as a birthday, an anniversary or Christmas, we always have to go over and over again to find the perfect gift for the people closest to us. We want something that is special, but at the same time original, and if you know that person for a long time, it becomes difficult to surprise and please. Therefore, in Shiva Massages we think that an erotic massage is the perfect gift.


To do it in a discreet way and to keep the effect of surprise, you can buy a gift voucher that we give you inside in a discreet envelope. In this way, you will not wait for it and it will take great joy. You can choose between a couple massage, so you both enjoy at the same time, or an individual massage, giving all the protagonist to the other person and letting you enjoy the experience to the fullest.

Erotic massage: the perfect gift

Erotic massages are one of the oldest wellness and relaxation treatments that exist. For centuries it has been proven that these practices involve numerous benefits for the organism. In this way, the improvement of the physical and mental state is combined with pure and hard pleasure. Thanks to the skilful hands of our erotic masseuses, sensations never experienced are experienced and the customer is eager to return to another session to enjoy again in the centre of erotic massages of reference in Barcelona.


If you consult our massage offer, you can check that the variety of treatments is one of our strengths. Erotic masseuses have a deep training in different therapies and that is why they are able to offer what you need at all times.


Shiva is the Erotic Massage Centre of reference in Barcelona because we are aware of what our customers need are and what we can do to keep them happy. Your satisfaction is a priority for us and we create the perfect environment so that the treatment is as relaxing as possible. As you can see by visiting our website, we have different types of massages, each adapted to each person or personal situation at each moment. In this way, the treatments focus on an objective and thus the client can make the most of his visit


For example, the Brahma and Vishnu massages are focused on sensitivity, so that eroticism and sensuality are enhanced. From different stimulation techniques, the client feels excitement and relaxation, which provides a deep state of well-being at the end of the session. Other massages like the Double Lingam seek total interaction with the masseuse who, totally naked, provides two erogenous relaxations to take you to the most intense climax of your life.


In short, erotic massages are the ideal gift and sure you hit. Nobody suffers an erotic treatment of these characteristics and at the end you feel a physical and mental relaxation hard to forget. Contact us and we will inform you about everything you need to give an erotic massage. Sure this time you hit with the gift!