Tantric massages are one of the most sensual and exciting practices you can experience, and that is why in Shiva we want to help you to know them. In fact, we will teach you how to make them so you can incorporate them into your life as a couple and better the quality of your relationships. And is that this type of massage is key to greater knowledge and satisfaction both personal and your partner.


In our exclusive tantric massage centre we will show you how our therapists work and how they manage to provide an excessive pleasure. Thanks to the instructions of the erotic masseurs you can learn to perform this type of treatment and give your partner a joy. Undoubtedly, this type of exchanges increases the intimacy of relationships and increases sexual desire, so that anyone receives this kind of surprise with joy.


Do you want to know how to do a tantric massage?

To improve communication in the couple, physical contact is as important as verbal. Sometimes you think that words express everything you feel, but especially after years in a relationship, when routine and boredom begin to take their toll, incorporating new practices can rekindle the flame that gave rise to love (and the passion) between the two. Logically, know how to do tantric massage is an added value that increases the pleasure of relationships and certainly give a pleasant surprise to your partner.


Sexual pleasure is one of the best entertainments that human beings have and that is why it is important to know our body and know how and where to play to provide the most powerful sensations. Tantric massages are quite an experience and that is why all couples should try them at least once in their life. With the help of our masseuses you will learn to create the right environment for a practice of these characteristics and how to transmit to your partner the warmth of your body and how much you want to enjoy it.


As time passes, it seems that relationships tend to cool, especially in the sexual sphere. As is logical, the routine has a negative effect on the bed and if the necessary measures are not taken, sex becomes a secondary and even residual role. For that reason, in Shiva we offer you an alternative to put a bit of spice on your sex life. In just two sessions we will give you all the knowledge so you know how to stimulate your partner through tantric massage, a practice whose effectiveness is proven both physically and mentally.


Erotic massages are a very useful tool to recover the eroticism of the first days, all with great sensuality and care for details. Our professionals know the body perfectly and know how to behave in each moment to elicit pleasurable sensations in the other person. Come to Shiva and we will teach you to master an ancestral practice with numerous personal benefits as well as that of your partner that will stay with you forever.