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From 21 h to 01 h
Relaxation, sensuality and eroticism are the three basic concepts on which Ana massages are based. The combination of its great looks and his technique improved the increasingly become one of the great professionals in our massage center. Thanks to their experience and training, is able to offer the most enjoyable experiences for men, women and even couples. Ana knows how to run his hands through the skin tissue, changing the pace of touch when needed. She knows differentiate the different stages of a session: get quiet, generating excitement and reach the ecstasy.

Ana is one of our most precious pearls. How are your tantric massage? First, it focuses on achieving a peaceful and serene atmosphere in the room. No outside noise or other distractions: get peace is their main goal. Once the receiver has been steeped in cries and is completely relaxed, start adding eroticism to his touch. Search the erogenous zones and stimulates shamelessly, generating the purest pleasure. Once all the recipient’s body travel, depending on the tantric massage you have chosen you will get a more or less intense orgasm.

Height: 170
Weight: 55 kg
Measures: 85/60/90
Age: 27
Features: Brown eyes Brown hair
Nationality: Spanish
Language: Spanish / English
Gender: Men, women and couples