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From 10 h to 16 h

For her, Tantrism is a lifestyle, a way to go. Calm, relaxation, ecstasy … She believes are feelings that we should experience at least once a day. The combination of the purest tranquility and extreme excitement, opposite poles, causes in you an explosion of unparalleled pleasure. And besides, this can happen in your hotel room. Yes, you’ve heard right. She can come to your hotel in Barcelona and show you everything she can do in the purest intimacy…

Her philosophy is clear: every day we should experience eroticism, albeit in small doses. The contact with another human being makes us feel free, natural, back to our origins. There is nothing more invigorating to be true to ourselves. Thanks to her, you will experience a special tantric massage: she starts in the back… and slides into your thighs. Then she gives you back… and the session up intensity. Although she likes to discover what excites you and repeat it incessantly, she also saves a few minutes to innovate and surprise. What if you discover another feeling you like most? Eroticism is infinite and the emotions aroused, too. Remember that she makes tantric massages to men, women and couples.

Height: 170
Weight: 54 kg
Measures: 85/60/90
Age: 27
Characteristics: Brown Eyes, Auburn
Nationality: Spanish
Language: Spanish/ English
Gender: Men, Women and Couples

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