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From 22h to 03h.
This is how this tantric masseuse works: everything is gradual, to prepare the body for more intense sensations. The pace, the excitement, the pleasure … all increases as the minutes pass by. She knows how to make you enjoy, and knows all tantric techniques. Comes from elsewhere to fill Barcelona erotic news… Her goal is to revolutionize the city with her incessant curves. Her long blond hair your skin will slide generating pleasant chills and quenching your thirst for new sensations. Although she strives to meet and find out what you like best, She reserves a few minutes to surprise.

She helps you get away from your everyday life, to forget about work stress and any concerns. Besides being a pleasure pump, she is sweet and sensitive. She knows how to listen to others and give them what they really need. She creates a climate of absolute trust and intimacy that will help you let go and enjoy without thinking about anything. He thinks no one sees you in there, you hear or you’ll just listen… just you with this great tantric masseuse. If you want to know her, remember that performs erotic massage to men, women and couples, but only by appointment. She can come to your hotel… also by appointment.

Height: 168
Weight: 55 Kg
Measures: 95/70/95
Age: 27
Features: Green eyes, Brown hair
Nationality: Spanish
Language: Spanish / English
Gender: Men, Women and Couples

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