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From 21 h to 01 h
The sensuality of Laura not found everywhere. His gait, moving arms, talking, looking… All your actions are full eroticism and real provocation. I am a beauty of Cape Verde soft and sweet as the sands of my country. You will get impressed by my erotic massage techniques from the islands. My sculptural body will create hot waves all over your body… Come to see me!

Its main objective is to make you enjoy your tantric massage as much as possible. Not content with the satisfaction; only ecstasy. Use all your efforts and skills to help you get the most pleasure. His main motivation is to sow the way to highest expression of eroticism: not only is to enjoy the ultimate sensation, but the entire process. You will see how his great commitment and dedication in your body cause actual burning inside you. Jessica fire will reach the deepest recesses of your body. What are you waiting for? Performs erotic massages to men and couples.

Height: 175
Weight: 60 kg
Measures: 75/60/90
Age: 22
Features: Brown eyes Brunette
Nationality: Cabo Verde
Language: Spanish/English
Gender: Men and Couples