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    erotic massage andrea1

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From 22h to 03h.

She is a sweet and beautiful erotic masseuse mixed oriental of only 23 years old. Her beauty is just comparable to her sweetness. Like in every oriental culture, her dedication is absolute to the neighbor, making your moments with her unforgettable!

She is a young Spanish brunette and you only need to see her to understand that besides being beautiful, attractive and with an incredible body, she is an intelligent woman who knows how to treat her clients perfectly.

She never has a no for an answer, since her goal is to make you enjoy your erotic massage in any way. Putting yourself in your hands means starting a trip to the pleasure center without a return ticket. Thanks to his exquisite technique of massage he obtains an absolute relaxation that accompanies with the sliding of all his stunning body by yours.

He likes to use oils and creams to get merged with you and that during the massage the two bodies become a single being delivered to the cause of pleasure. She will end up with all the stress that you have recently accumulated and as long as you remember her you will not strain again.


Height: 160
Weight: 50 kg
Measures: 90/60/90
Age: 23
Features: Brunette and Brown eyes
Nationality: Spanish
Language: English / Spanish
Gender: Men, Women and Couples

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