Erotic Massage in Barcelona

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Shiva massages, is the erotic massage center in Barcelona with more fully differentiated rooms. Private and prepared rooms, so that every time you visit, you can enjoy its extensive menu of erotic massages. Choose the one you like best, it's a new experience!

Upon entering our facilities you will be enveloped by a unique sensation. The decoration and the atmosphere have been totally conceived and designed to offer the best experience. If you have booked a special masseuse, she will open the door for you and take you to one of the 8 rooms we have. If you have not booked any of our erotic masseuses, don't worry, you will have the opportunity to meet the ones that are available at that time, so you can choose the one you like the most.

The rooms have a bathroom with a shower so you can shower before and after your erotic massage, or if you prefer and choose one of the services that include it, shower with the erotic masseuse you have chosen.

The entire Center and all the rooms are designed and thought out with the smallest detail, so that your experience is unique and you can enjoy the erotic massage that you have chosen at the hands of one or two of our erotic masseuses. We recommend a 4-hand massage. It is an experience that every man should enjoy at least once in his life…

The Shiva Erotic Massage Center has a Chill Out Room so you can enjoy a refreshing drink before your massage or while you wait for one of your friends to finish their service.

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Erotic Massages in Barcelona

Shiva Massages also has a room specially equipped with two tatamis together so you can enjoy an erotic massage with your partner, the hand of two of our female masseuses, or if you prefer a female erotic masseuse and one of the male masseuses who work with us.

The experience of being able to enjoy a service with your partner and two of our erotic masseurs is something you will not forget... At the end of the massage, we allow you to stay alone in the couples room so that you both finish the experience in Shiva Massages as you want.

Shiva Massages, with any of their erotic massages in couples, gives you a bottle of champagne to make the experience even more unforgettable if possible ... Do not miss this opportunity and enjoy a incredible experience in our facilities.

In two of the massage rooms you can enjoy the well-known divans, to enjoy the experience of receiving part of your massage first in futon and then finish it in the divan, where the erotic masseuse you have chosen will make you reach the seventh heaven.…

Don't think twice and make your reservation or come without an appointment. Meet one of our beautiful erotic masseurs in one of the 6 rooms.

Discover our erotic massage center in Barcelona. In Shiva Massage you will find the best erotic masseuses, professional and qualified masseuses to transport you to the most intense pleasure.

Our erotic massage rooms are very comfortable and intimate, the harmony and balance you seek will invade you, our erotic massage center will not leave you indifferent. Tantric massage is an excellent practice to relax the whole body and relieve the tension of these difficult days for everyone.