sexy poker

Poker tournaments in Casino Barcelona (January 2018)

Casino Barcelona is once again hosting poker tournaments and some of the best players in the world are coming to town. This card game has become a real reference in the city’s leisure activities and is a perfect occasion to come to Barcelona. To complement this visit, the best option is to combine the poker…

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a massage can heal you

Can a good massage really heal you?

It is undeniable that massage has always been a healing method, but could it be said that it really works? In the 21st century, in the midst of a scientific era, where medicine is living the paradigm of the Evidence, can we say that “massage is a medicine”, that it really has therapeutic effects? There…

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shakira masajes

Watch Shakira live in Barcelona and enjoy a massage

Shakira is one of the world’s most famous singers, and is scheduled for a double date in Barcelona on 25 and 26 November. The Palau Sant Jordi will be the venue for your concerts. Without doubt, his relationship with the footballer Gerard Piqué makes his performances in Barcelona have a greater impact. In front of…

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professional masseuse

Why hire a professional masseuse?

One of the consequences of the rise of massage as an experience selected by people to give their body a moment of relaxation and rest, has been that many proposals arise in which this service is offered and therefore there are prices that are suspicious in principle. In this way, the invitation proposed in this…

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PokerStars Championship Barcelona

PokerStars Championship Barcelona: cards and massages

Barcelona has become the capital of the most popular card game with the arrival of the PokerStars Championship Barcelona. With prizes of up to 1.2 million euros, it becomes a unique opportunity to visit the Ciudad Condal to participate in a poker tournament and at the same time enjoy one of the most attractive cities…

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enjoy massage

Tips to enjoy a massage

To enjoy a massage as much as possible, the location should be quiet, and acclimated to the situation. The person who applies for a massage need a lot of peace of mind. It would be good to talk to your therapist about our tastes, if we like soft music, some aroma in particular, the light…

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lingam massage

How to enjoy a lingam massage

There are a lot of different types of massage designed to meet different needs of customers ranging from health and stress, up to issues related to beauty or aesthetics, and eroticism. Massages are often suited to customers demand different techniques, one of them is the famous Lingam that we will discuss below a little more depth,…

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sex toys

How to mix a massage with sex toys?

When we talk about sex toys, it can become a bit confusing because there are a lot of names and forms to differentiate them. Then we tell you what are some and the reasons why you’ll want to go to a ‘sex shop’ for one. A sex toy seeks to give you pleasure and satisfaction.…

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Have you practiced “sexting”?

This activity that is being more and more common between teenagers and Young adults, consists in taking provocative pictures and send them usually through smartphones, pictures usually are very sexual with explicit nudes and erotic attitudes which may lead to having other kind of practices like shiva massages. Even when it is considered as a…

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The most requested male fantasies

There are millions of ways to enjoy sexuality and sexual fantasies are some of them. It is mental representations based on sex. However, it doesn’t mean people would do them for real, either because they are not considered legal or just because they would feel uncomfortable, for this reason some people mayonly  keep them in…

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How to get your orgasm with an erotic massage

An erotic massage could be taken as a simple process, like giving a little massage here, a little pressure there and it’s done… and actually is a wonderful way to advance to the next level in a romantic evening at Shiva massages, in fact, giving an erotic massage involves a lot of knowledge and skills.…

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