26 May, 2023

Looking for a sexy massage? Those are the things that you must know

A sexy massage can be a pleasurable and relaxing experience to enrich your stay in Barcelona. As experts in this matter, those are the things you must know.
16 May, 2023

Nuru Massage – Whas is it?

The nuru massage has its origin in Japan, where the therapist uses her whole body to provide the greatest possible pleasure to the client. This is […]
20 April, 2023

How we created the best sensual massage of Barcelona

Barcelona is known for its vibrant nightlife, beautiful beaches, and amazing cuisine. But is also home of the best sensual massage experiences in the world.
18 April, 2023

Awaken passion in the bedroom

Sometimes the work routine, the routine as a couple, the poor diet, the sedentary lifestyle, among other things, is able to put out the flame of passion in the bedroom.
18 April, 2023

The erogenous zones

Our body has a large number of nerve endings. Nerve endings are responsible for carrying information about any external stimulus to our brain.
18 April, 2023

The first erotic massage

Touch is one of the most developed senses and through which we can transmit all kinds of sensations, especially pleasant ones.
19 December, 2022

The Supreme Nude Massage and Shower

Hot water, sensuality and the therapeutic rest of a good massage: discover the Supreme Nude and Shower massage.
12 December, 2022

Goodbye masturbation, hello erotic massage

Let our professionals help you get to know yourself thoroughly and free yourself from the masturbation routine.
21 November, 2022
Nuru Kamasutra massage

Nuru Kamasutra massage

Discover the Nuru Kamasutra massage: a combination of unique methods that will make the experience a journey for the senses.
3 November, 2022
Sexo en la cultura asiatica

How do Asian cultures view sex?

The Asian continent is a melting pot of cultures, and all of them have something in common: they are very different from ours, also in terms of sex.
13 September, 2022

The Brahma massage: the beginning of everything

We dive into the mythological story of one of our most successful massages, the Brahma massage, and tell you everything you need to know about it.
19 July, 2022

Improve your performance in bed

These are the most important points that you can cover in your day to day life to improve your sexual performance in the simplest way.