28 April, 2021

Eroticism: The way to a healthier relationship

It is common for the routine to put a brake on the sexual life of couples. Tiredness, obligations and the monotony of our day to day slowly extinguish the flame of passion.
2 March, 2021

Is the shower an erotic moment?

The erotic shower is one of the most pleasant moments and demanded by the clients of the massage centers. But is any shower an erotic act?
20 January, 2021

Whispers and caresses

Caresses and whispers are one of the most sensual and intimate manifestations of a couple.
8 January, 2021

The best closing of a week in the office

Often times working in an office can have different repercussions on both our body and our mind.
24 December, 2020

What not to eat before an erotic massage?

We have all heard of those foods that for one reason or another awaken passion within us, also called aphrodisiacs.
4 December, 2020

Treat yourself to an erotic massage this Christmas

The end of the year is approaching, and with it, the most special holidays of the year are approaching, the Christmas holidays. It is the time of gifts and copious meals.
25 November, 2020

Types of erotic massages

The general belief is that an erotic massage is a traditional massage with a happy ending. However, this idea is not true, since there is a wide variety of different massage...
10 November, 2020

The art of an erotic massage

Art is any product or activity that expresses an idea or emotion. In the case of erotic massages, the same principle is used, but applied to the world of perceptions of the recipient.
26 October, 2020

What is a Lingam massage?

In Sanskrit, the word Lingam is described as the male sexual organ and means "Rod of Light." In sacred sexuality he is seen as a giver of pleasure and creative energy.
15 October, 2020

Secrets of Tantra

The art of tantric massage is a world full of secrets connected to the search and exploration of pleasure and spirituality.
22 September, 2020

The perfect caress

An inherent part of being human is the need for physical contact, especially in the form of caresses, hugs, or kisses.
9 September, 2020
orgasmo masajes shiva

Training: the key to a more pleasant orgasm

The sport is a good way to improve your physical and mental state. But, in addition, the training sessions help to improve your sexual...