Hookah bars in Barcelona: everything you need to know.



Today we are going to talk about hookah bars in Barcelona, ​​a trend that has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. Barcelona, ​​known for its vibrant nightlife and diverse leisure offering, offers a wide variety of bars where hookah becomes the protagonist, providing a relaxed and social experience.

These places are distinguished not only by the quality of their hookahs, but also by their unique atmosphere, decoration and music, creating the perfect setting to enjoy in the company of friends. Additionally, many of these bars offer a wide selection of tobacco flavors, from classics to exclusive blends, complementing the experience with drink menus and sometimes even gastronomic options.
Exploring the hookah bars in Barcelona is to immerse yourself in a culture that mixes tradition and modernity, offering a different way to enjoy the Barcelona nightlife. Whether you are looking for a quiet place to chat or a space with live music, Barcelona has an option for every taste.
Ziryab, un bar con cachimba en Barcelona

The 8 best hookah bars in Barcelona

Ziryab shisha cocktail lounge

We begin our tour with an iconic establishment among the hookah bars in Barcelona. Open since 2008, this bar is distinguished by its dedication to offering unique cocktails and top-notch hookahs. Among the flavors preferred by their customers are varieties such as strawberry, grape, melon, and more, all enjoyed with the use of coconut charcoal that guarantees an exceptionally smooth smoking experience.

Each of the hookahs available here comes from imported selections, ensuring superior quality in a range of sizes and colors. Ziryab, located steps from the Picasso Museum, has established itself as a must-see point for both nightlife enthusiasts and those curious to discover the art of hookah.
Tabú, un bar con cachimba en Barcelona

Taboo shisha lounge cocktail bar

If you are looking for the ideal space in Barcelona to spend a lovely afternoon either in the company of your friends or on a romantic outing, then you cannot miss visiting Taboo shisha lounge cocktail bar. This site offers an extremely warm and welcoming environment, accompanied by a musical selection that simply adapts perfectly to the environment. Plus, customer service is top-notch, ensuring your experience is unbeatable.

It is the ideal refuge for those looking to disconnect from the daily routine and immerse themselves in a state of total relaxation, enjoying a good hookah or tasting one of the exquisite cocktails available. Definitely, Tabú shisha lounge cocktail bar is presented as the favorite destination for those who value a serene and comfortable atmosphere, all while enjoying their favorite hookah or cocktail option in the heart of Barcelona.
Wookah, un bar con cachimba en Barcelona

Wookah lounge Barcelona

Located in the heart of Eixample, it is recognized for providing an outstanding culinary experience, complemented by a selection of signature cocktails and an extensive shisha menu. Excellence in the cuisine and innovation in its cocktails are aspects highly valued by those who visit, along with the cordiality and diligence of its staff.

The warm and welcoming atmosphere that characterizes it makes this place consolidate itself as a preferred option for many. Let yourself be surprised by Wookah, a unique and transgressive environment where day and night come together.
La Concha del Raval, un bar con cachimba en Barcelona

La Concha del Raval

For those looking for an affordable shisha experience in Barcelona, ​​La Concha del Raval emerges as a standout option. This Moroccan-style bar is located in the vibrant and diverse Raval neighborhood. They offer an extensive selection of hookah flavors, ranging from the most traditional to the most innovative mixtures such as watermelon with mint, grapefruit with lime and passion fruit, expanding the spectrum of tastes and preferences.

In addition, the place prides itself on its varied offering of teas and cocktails, thus complementing the hookah bar experience in Barcelona. What really makes La Concha del Raval stand out is its unique and lively atmosphere, where a series of cultural and entertainment events are organized, including live music, flamenco performances, DJ sessions and oriental dances, guaranteeing a memorable experience for all its visitors.
Four Elements lounge , un bar con cachimba en Barcelona Título: four-elements-lounge

Four Elements lounge

This place is positioned as one of the most avant-garde and elegant hookah bars in Barcelona, ​​located in the distinguished Sant Gervasi neighborhood. It stands out for its offer of cocktails and hookahs, selecting the highest quality tobaccos and presenting a vast range of options with more than 460 aromas and flavors to choose from, from traditional options to personalized mixes.

They also have a collection of board games that visitors can enjoy during their visit, making each meeting a more enjoyable and social occasion. For those fans who frequent this type of establishment, Four Elements offers an attractive program of loyalty, rewarding your loyalty with discounts and opportunities to enjoy free hookahs. It is an open invitation not to miss the opportunity to visit one of the most recommended shisha lounges in Barcelona.
La Rose shisha bar, un bar con cachimba en Barcelona

La Rose shisha bar

If you are looking for a unique hookah bar experience in Barcelona that also has a terrace to take advantage of the pleasant climate and views of the city, La Rose is the ideal option. This place stands out for its cozy atmosphere and offers a diversity in its hookah menu, including options such as basic, premium, professional shisha and even an innovative shisha cocktail, which reinterprets classic cocktails such as the mojito, pina colada or sex on the beach in the shape of a shisha.

Located in the heart of Barcelona, ​​La Rose Shisha Bar is distinguished by exceptional customer service, a beautifully decorated environment and an equitable pricing structure, complemented by an extensive selection of hookahs and unique flavors. It is the perfect setting to enjoy an unparalleled shisha experience, whether to relax or share special moments with friends.
Mellow shisha, un bar con cachimba en Barcelona

Mellow shisha

If you are looking for a unique hookah bar experience in Barcelona that also has a terrace to take advantage of the pleasant climate and views of the city, La Rose is the ideal option. This place stands out for its cozy atmosphere and offers a diversity in its hookah menu, including options such as basic, premium, professional shisha and even an innovative shisha cocktail, which reinterprets classic cocktails such as the mojito, pina colada or sex on the beach in the shape of a shisha. Mellow Shisha is emerging as the favorite space for those who want to enjoy a relaxed, cozy and serene atmosphere. This haven offers a variety of tobaccos from renowned brands such as Hookain, Serbetli, Al Fakher and Fumari, as well as a rich palette of flavors that includes everything from coconut and grapefruit to blueberry, cotton candy and guava, guaranteeing a complete taste experience.

In addition, the menu is complemented by a careful selection of cocktails, beers and tapas, ideal to accompany your shisha. Located in the Simó passatge, Mellow Shisha invites you to immerse yourself in a world of unique aromas and tastes, offering the perfect place to share pleasant moments and conversations with friends, all while enjoying exquisite snacks and an unmatched atmosphere.
Khalijia, un bar con cachimba en Barcelona


We conclude our selection of hookah bars in Barcelona with Khalijia, an establishment that promises a comprehensive experience, combining the best of Arab and Indian cuisine, along with a varied menu of cocktails and shishas. Located a stone’s throw from Plaça de Catalunya, this restaurant-bar is distinguished by its refined oriental-inspired decoration and a lounge designed so that visitors can fully immerse themselves in the nighttime experience.

Khalijia stands out for offering exceptional service and creating a perfect atmosphere to enjoy the night. Here you can let yourself be carried away by the rhythm of live music and shows, taste exquisite dishes such as baba ganoush, butter chicken, vegetable samosas, or beef ribs, enjoy innovative cocktails and, of course, choose from a selection of more than six flavors of hookahs. It is, without a doubt, the ideal destination for those looking for a complete experience in one place.

Thus, while Barcelona continues to consolidate itself as a destination of choice for hookah lovers, it also stands out as a meeting point for those seeking to enrich their experience with touches of sensuality and personal exploration through an exclusive erotic massage. The combination of both experiences promises not only an unforgettable night, but also a new perspective on leisure and pleasure in the Catalan capital.

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