• What´s an erotic massage?

– The erotic/tantric massage is a massage that tends to look for the pleasure of the couple through the interchange of energies. It is a sensual massage through all your body, stimulating your intimate area up to the absolute relaxation, making a final ecstasy of the masculine “lingam” or feminine “yoni” organ… is one of the more intimate massages you can ever find.


  • Where will I have my massage?

– You will have your massage in a futon, taking care of every detail, with a warm temperature, the light of candles, the aromatic incense and the relaxing music…


  • Do you offer drinks?

– Yes. We offer free drinks anytime, before and after the massage. Drinks with and without alcohol (rum, whisky, gin, juices, tea, water and our special Hindu infusions).


  • Will I have privacy?

– Yes. We guarantee the maximum privacy during all your stay. We have 6 rooms totally independent and we also have reception rooms for your privacy.


  • Can I have sex?

– The massage does not include explicit sex, even though you can interact with the masseuse.
If you have never try a tantric massage with oils in your erotic área with final ecstasy, I can assure you will never forget the experience.

– The combination of aromatic oils, warm, and the contact of the bodies, guarantee a total extracorporeal final.


  • Are the photos real?

– All the pictures are 100% real. All are made in our center. 100% guaranteed.


  • Do they work nude?

– In our center you can find massages made dressed, with thong and totally nude for your pleasure.


  • Do I have to take something?

– No. We include everything you may need, from slippers to bath gel, shampoo…


  • Can I come without appointment?

– Of course, in the center there is always masseuses available. If you want a particular masseuse, please call in advance so we can arrange an appointment.


  • If I make an appointment and then I can´t go, what happens?

– If you cannot come, no worries, simply advise as soon as you know so we can tell the masseuse not to wait for you. We really appreciate your kindness in advance.


  • How are the massages in couple?

– We deal with lots of couples and thanks to the professionalism of our team, in a few minutes we accomplish a great climate. In every moment the dialogue is very warm and rising the sensuality until reaching a total relaxation of the lingam and yoni organs.

– We can combine masseur masculine and feminine o both of the same sex or even just one masseuse for both…