Tantric massage in Barcelona

Tantric massage; What is it really and what is its function?

Tantric massage is an ancient technique related to tantric culture. Its main objective is to expand the conscious self by channeling and expanding sexual energy throughout the body. In other words, it seeks to awaken our senses, our mind and our body so that they merge and synchronize with each other. Taking our being to a body and mental state of relaxation that allows increasing knowledge and control over ourselves and over everything that surrounds us. It is the way to inner peace. A peace that allows us to break the chains and psychic limits that subject us to earthly and material problems.

Is it an erotic or sexual massage?

This is one of the questions that most people ask themselves in relation to tantric massages. The answer is: Yes and No. Yes, because if we look at it objectively, this type of massage uses sexual and erotic stimulation to achieve its ultimate purpose, physical and mental balance. No, because the use and stimulation of the erogenous parts in the massage does not have the final objective of ejaculation or physical pleasure, but these are only part of the way. And although orgasm can sometimes be achieved, it is not always necessary to achieve a tantric state.

So, what are the main differences between an erotic sexual massage and a tantric massage.

The differences are purely subjective and difficult to appreciate simply with the senses. The difference is not the brand or the technique, or the place, not just the name. The difference is made by the masseuse and the one who receives the experience. If there is a connection, if the two interacting people connect, merge in an aura of love and beauty and seek to increase and perpetuate that feeling to acquire a deeper and more relaxed conscious state for themselves and between the two, then we can say that it is a tantric experience. If, on the contrary, the two souls that take part in the evening do not come into contact at all and exclusively focus on obtaining pleasure for the recipient, then we can say that it is simply an erotic massage.
We are going to give you the three concepts that can determine whether a massage is tantric or merely sexual


In all tantric culture, the expansion of consciousness and knowledge of being is pursued. It flees from the material and the earthly. Any act whose purpose does not have this intention cannot be classified as tantric. We will then talk about erotic or sexual.

The intention

This is another fundamental point. In this case, the person who consciously touches do so without any intention other than to project her love and energy. There is no intention in conscious touch. There is only connection, it’s a bit like Zen, I play because I feel like I want to play.

The attitude

It must be loving and tender, almost motherly. The masseuse and the massager must become unconditional channels of love and love. There are no fissures, we accept with total harmony everything that is and everything that is. Everything seems perfect, everything is in sync with our love. Nothing diverts our attention from the ultimate goal.

These three points clearly determine when we are in a tantric treatment and when we are not. As you may have deduced, therefore, it is the people and their predisposition that directly affect the format of the final experience.

Which is the best of them?

From the point of view of the benefits they provide, there is none that is better than the other. It depends on each person and their needs. Sometimes a long, sensual and very sensitive massage is useful. But sometimes you need a more earthy and physical experience to relax and put the stresses of your day to day aside. What’s more, it is always good to vary and try different massages and different masseurs to have a broader vision of the possibilities of each experience. Then we can choose one or the other according to our mood.

As we have commented previously, going from an erotic experience to a tantric experience, depends on the people and sometimes it happens spontaneously when a great connection arises between the masseuse and he / she will receive it.

Tantra in Shiva massages

At Shiva, we want our experiences to exceed the expectations of our customers. That is why our masseurs have the necessary training to give our visitors the massage they need.

Tantra is part of our philosophy. Only in this way, we can offer services beyond the ordinary. Services that immerse those who enjoy them in a sea of sensations, relaxation and pleasure. Promoting a state of well-being and perfect concentration to escape from day-to-day problems and stress.

Main benefits of tantric massage Barcelona

The benefits of tantric massages are of great value and usefulness for the human being. Although everyone can get them, some of them require several sessions to be clearly appreciated.

Right from the first time, one can begin to notice the virtues of tantric techniques. But it is with the passage of time and with iteration when you reach levels of knowledge and concentration in which you enjoy the full potential of tantra. Here are some of the main benefits:
  • Increase personal sensitive knowledge.
  • Increased knowledge and bodily intimacy of the couple.
  • Expansion of the conscious self.
  • Harmony, synchrony and sensitivity with the environment.
  • Control over ejaculation. Eradicate premature ejaculation.
  • Anger control.
  • Conscious and positive acceptance of what is and what there is.
  • Improved libido Significant increase in erection time.
  • Relief from stress and anxiety.
  • Improved physical and emotional well-being.
  • Helps in concentration and relaxation.
  • Breathing control.

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