Massage center in Barcelona

Welcome to Shiva Massage, a luxurious massage center in the vibrant city of Barcelona!

Our center, with its exclusive setting, will provide you with an experience as exotic and sophisticated as the city itself. Each time you visit us, you can indulge in the best erotic massage in Barcelona and an extensive menu of treatments designed by the talent of all our attractive masseuses.

Upon entering our facilities, you will be immersed in a unique and intoxicating space, where every detail has been carefully selected to create an ideal setting for pleasure, from the exquisite decor that surrounds you to the lighting.

If you have booked with one of our amazing masseuses, she will personally welcome you and guide you to one of our eight exclusive rooms, each prepared to provide you with maximum comfort and pleasure, equipped with private bathrooms and showers where you can refresh yourself before and after your erotic massage.

Raise the temperature of your experience by choosing one of our massages where you can share a shower with your passionate masseuse. In case you haven’t booked with one of our masseuses, you will have the opportunity to meet the talented professionals who work with us, so that you can choose the one you like the most.

In our massage center, you will enjoy an erotic massage and experience one of the most memorable experiences in a man’s life: the four-handed erotic massage. We often say it is a sensation that everyone should experience at least once in their life.

Furthermore, to enjoy everything Barcelona has to offer, Shiva Massage has an elegant Chill Out Lounge where you can relax before your massage or while you wait for your friends, if you are enjoying your experience accompanied. We will offer you the drink of your choice, which is included in the price of your experience at our center.

At Shiva Massage, we invite you to immerse yourself in a universe of pleasure and luxury.

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Your most erotic massage center in Barcelona

In our magnificent and exclusive space for Shiva Massages, you will also find a specially equipped room with two tatami mats, joined together. Designed so that you can enjoy an erotic massage with your partner together with two of our charming female masseurs, this space has witnessed incredible experiences of pure sensuality. Our girls will be at your disposal to give you an unforgettable sensual experience. However, if you prefer, you can opt for a combination of a female erotic masseuse and one of our talented male masseurs, who collaborate with us to satisfy your deepest desires.
The opportunity to enjoy an erotic massage with your partner and two of our expert masseuses is something that will remain etched in your memory forever. At the end of this sensual experience, we will allow you to enjoy yourself alone in our luxurious couples room, so that you can enjoy at your own pace and extend the Shiva Massage experience, following your wishes. With any of our erotic couples massages, we will give you an exquisite bottle of cava, to make the experience even more memorable, if that is possible.
Don’t miss the opportunity to live the unique experience of an erotic massage in our facilities. In two of our seductive massage rooms, you will find the famous chaise lounges, ideal for enjoying the experience of receiving part of your massage on a futon and then completing it on the chaise longue. You will be taken to seventh heaven by the erotic masseuse you have selected, while you immerse yourself in absolute pleasure. Do not think twice and make your reservation, or if you prefer, come to our facilities without an appointment and let yourself be wrapped in the erotic massage of your choice, by the hand of our beautiful erotic masseuses.