Erotic massage on Divan - Kamasutra


Tantric massages are an excellent way to combat the stress and routine of daily life. For this reason, at Shiva Masajes we offer you a multitude of variants so that you can choose the most effective way to relax.

Tantric philosophy is based on experiences that have been practiced for thousands of years, so its effectiveness is fully proven.

Tantra not only focuses on purely physical pleasure, but also establishes a connection on a spiritual level that exponentially increases the intensity of the climax.

What is a Tantra Divan?

The tantra couch was designed with the aim of testing different positions of the kamasutra, so that erotic massages can be carried out in optimal postures to maximize the pleasure.

The tantric chair is the perfect way to experience new sensations, for which it is recommended to hire the services of a professional masseuse who knows all the secrets to give you the treatment you you deserve. At Shiva Masajes we have girls specialized in providing this type of massage and that is why your total satisfaction is guaranteed.

When we use the tantra couch we seek to provoke extreme sensations, so you can start preparing for a session of full enjoyment. We stimulate your body and mind so that you live a unique experience, and we assure you that there is no one better than our masseuses to make the experience the most rewarding in the city.

The best massages on a Divan or Tantra Armchair

On our website you can find a wide range of possibilities in terms of treatments. All the erotic massages that we offer in our services see their efficiency increased by being performed in a tantra chair. Don’t miss this opportunity because we are sure you will enjoy it like never before.

One of the characteristics of tantric massages is that the impulses are contained for a while so that the pleasure and the final climax are as powerful as possible. In this way, the masseuse will be in charge of managing the entire process, always following the client’s instructions so that they enjoy it to the fullest.

This is an opportunity to recalibrate your inner energies and restore your balance between body and mind. The power of massages and tanta cannot be denied because after thousands of years of improving the lives of so many people, their excellent healing power has already been demonstrated, not only on a physical level, but also psychologically.

What we do recommend when entering the fascinating world of the tantra couch is that you try professionals first. Masseuses with specialized training and experience they are able to transmit the positive energy of tantric philosophy and considerably increase the intensity of the final climax.

Contact us to find out more about tantric massages and we will inform you without obligation. What are you waiting for to try them?