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Shiva is the main God of the Hindu religion, the beginning of everything. Together with Brahma and Vishnú he is the architect of creation, protection and destruction. Shiva watches and stalks our movements, and his anger can be terrible because passion flows within him and is expelled in moments of maximum tension.

A passion that we wanted to transfer to the massage that gives name to our Center, our erotic massage Shiva Deluxe, a cocktail of sensations that invites the absolute pleasure from the previous ignorance of this new parallel universe that we present to our clients.

Our masseuses are experts in the knowledge of the body, own and others, and in the springs of pleasure, and have studied the most ancient techniques with all the wisdom of sensuality and excitement that has been passed from generation to generation, from century to century.
Shiva is his inspiration, the passion that hides this deity able to see everything with his third eye, is the foundation of the erotic massage Shiva Deluxe, a compendium of the best moments of all other massages.

Shiva Deluxe massage combines in one, the initiation and relaxation of Brahma, the most absolute sensuality of Vishnu, and the eroticism to discover the rest, a massage that leaves no one indifferent and everyone wanting more, more pleasure.

When the body of the masseuse begins to cross the naked body of the client the energy begins to flow and to cross the whole room, generating a permanent and unembraceable effluvium of pleasure and eroticism.

An eroticism channeled into two naked bodies that are enjoying their passion, their pleasure, the search for their own Nirvana, the most absolute state of meditation that we have now reconverted into the most incomparable climax.

If you are willing to try the magic of pleasure do not hesitate any longer, Shiva Deluxe massage is your choice. From the moment the masseuse begins to caress your back you will enter a precipice without end of pleasure, a free fall without fear towards the most absolute sensuality.