Vishnú Massage


The Hindu trimurti, a kind of Holy Trinity if we extrapolate it to Catholicism, is formed by Shiva, Brahma and Vishnú, the three gods who were in charge of creating the world and protecting it from the evils that haunted it.

Three gods who, far from the taboos that haunt us in our Christian religion, offer a wide range of pleasures and a permanent search for the energetic connection between body and soul.

Therefore, in Shiva Massages have resorted to the ancient wisdom of a culture like India to baptize our most characteristic massages, with the aim that our customers get the maximum pleasure.

What is a Vishnú Massage?

Our Vishnú Massage is, without a doubt, one of the most demanded by our clients. Thanks to the possibility of this massage having an interaction between the masseuse and the client, it can reach a level of pleasure indescribable and unattainable by any other type of massage.

Vishnú is the God protector, who makes the universe remain compact, united, and therefore we wanted to use his name to baptize our sensitive massage, because it achieves the union, the perfect communion between the masseuse and the client.

The masseuse will use her hands as if she had the four arms of the God Vishnú, going through all the filaments of pleasure of the human body, thus obtaining an energy of growing positivity, a universal connection that makes the environment charged with sensuality and excitement and returns to the naked bodies going from top to bottom.

Where does Vishnu massage come from?

Vishnú is one of the most adored gods in India, and his followers are spread all over the world because they value the most absolute meaning of his figure, union, protection, connection. Our Vishnú massage is, in turn, one of the most requested by our clients, who find in it an escape to their routine of solitude thanks to the perfect union they feel with their masseuse.

Do not hesitate any longer, if you have tried an erotic massage before the next step is our Vishnú massage, then you will understand the true meaning of life.