Alina Tantric Masseuse

Height: 178
Weight: 60 Kg
Measures: 90/60/90
Age: 28
Features: Brunette with brown eyes
Nationality: Brazil
Language: Spanish/ English/Portuguese
Genders: Men, Women and Couples

Alina: a fiery Brazilian

She is a sexy girl who has everything you need to satisfy all your desires. During her massages you can enjoy the vibrant rhythm of her body and her hands moving you up and down.

Your body invites you to pleasure and to enjoy new sensations. At her side you will feel that the music acquires a new rhythm and you will get lost among the musical notes of each song, wishing that this pleasant experience never ends.

A fiery experience

With Alina you will feel that everything lights up inside your body with just one of her intense gazes. When she moves her body and hands, letting herself be carried away by the rhythm of the music, she takes everyone’s breath away.

Alina is pure fire and pure passion and is able to envelop you in her fiery atmosphere to get away from all your worries. A massage session with her is the best therapy to relax and feel a wide range of emotions.
You will realize this when you try her philosophy of life: Carpe diem or, which is the same… Seize the moment! She is a woman who will make every moment with her unforgettable. Her body invites you to pleasure and to enjoy new sensations when you are with her. With the body-to-body massage she will turn you on and light a fire inside you that only she can put out as soon as you reach the most pleasant orgasm you have ever felt in your life.

An unforgettable erotic massage

Don’t think twice! Receiving one of her melee massages or letting yourself be carried away by her erotic massage techniques is a vital experience that you cannot and do not want to reject. The different sensations that their caresses, rubs, kisses, hugs and rubs provoke are a vehicle to go from bodily to mental communication and enter a state of total abandonment of the real world.

Thanks to this kind of idyllic trance, the room where you will receive your erotic proposal will become a true refuge for you where you can put your worries aside. Remember that learning to play is essential to enhance all the power of eroticism, but it is also essential to learn to enjoy the perceptions and the way your masseuse touches you is the secret to living an unforgettable experience with a professional.

Do you want to enjoy an unforgettable erotic massage? Do not hesitate and make an appointment with Alina. You will not regret at any time if you let yourself be carried away by the passion and fire of the sweet and sexy Alina.

All the time that passes without calling Shiva Massages to request a massage with her is valuable time that you are wasting, since the sensations that you are going to feel with Alina you will not feel again with anyone else.

All the erotic massages you perform are intended for men, women and couples.