Sensitive massage in Barcelona


One of the erotic massages that you can enjoy at Shiva Massages is the sensitive massage in Barcelona, where you can delight all your senses and connect with your inner self through the hands of our tantric masseuses.

This type of massage is ideal to awaken the sensitivity of the body and redirect it towards sexual and emotional ecstasy. Give life to your body and feel full again both physically and emotionally thanks to the sensitive massage.

You can do it alone or with a partner; although if you want to rekindle the flame of passion and give life to your relationship, we recommend that you do it with your partner as a couple and sexual therapy technique.

What is a sensory massage?

Sensitive massage or sensory massage, also known as Californian massage, is a type of massage that allows you to connect with your inner self by stimulating the five senses according to tantra. It became popular in the United States in the late 1960s as a holistic massage to connect mind and body in harmony.

In sensory massage it is important to let yourself go. In a relaxed atmosphere with soft lighting, the masseuse will stimulate your body through sensual caresses to awaken your inner self and enjoy an intense pleasure like you have never experienced. Relax and enjoy the eroticism of the moment.

How is a sensitive massage done?

Our tantric masseuses will give themselves body and soul to give you energy through caresses that will be adapted according to your personality and preferences. Once you are totally relaxed, they will stimulate your erogenous zones and incorporate different parts of your body to increase your pleasure and satisfaction.

Take a deep breath, feel the touch and stimulation of your erogenous zones. Focus on yourself, forget about stress and relieve the physical and emotional consequences of routine. You are the protagonist and you are here to enjoy the sensory massage in Barcelona.

Benefits of sensory massage or sensory massage

The main benefit of the sensory massage is the harmonization of body and mind with your innermost self through the stimulation of your five senses: smell, hearing, sight, taste and touch, to reach the most absolute pleasure.

You will raise your level of awareness to have more control over your body movements. By stimulating your senses and emotions, you will feel more balanced and self-confident. No more complexes and insecurities.

On a physical level, you will feel better. Sensitive massage promotes blood circulation and muscle relaxation. You will see how your body will feel less heavy, you will feel freer and less stressed.

Enjoy a sensitive massage in Barcelona

If you would like to enjoy a sensory massage in Barcelona, at Shiva Massages we are at your disposal to answer any questions you may have about this massage that is both beneficial and relaxing at the same time.

Come to our centre and discover how you can release tension and feel better about yourself with a sensory massage. Dare to try it, we are sure you will repeat.