Single erotic massages and Couple massage in Barcelona

BRAHMA MASSAGE (Sensitive Receiver)

This proposal includes relaxation techniques such as excitation. Shiva professionals use their body to perform a sensitive massage your erogenous zone and take, well, the absolute rapture. The Brahma massage and has a clearer slightly erotic touch that exalt your state of relaxation. It is performed on a futon, is a massage recipient and no interaction with the masseuse.

  • 45 min: 90 €
  • 1 hour: 100 €


It is one of the most complete of our menu of tantric massages. In the first part of the session, our masseuses strive to achieve total relaxation, a state that will prepare you for the absolute ecstasy. Then, in a second part, the atmosphere heats up to make way for the star erotic techniques. An experience you will want to repeat. Our pearls massaging your intimate areas to achieve maximum pleasure. It is a body body massage at the end of the massage.


  • 45 min.: 130 €
  • 1 hour: 150 €
masaje erotico vishnu


It is the most erotic proposal of our menu proposal. Interaction with the masseuse is done from the outset and also is completely naked. It is the only tantric massage in which you can enjoy the whole body of our pearls without lingerie that evokes us to the imagination. During the session, all the techniques of tantric massage gotten apply and for: thai, body to body …

  • 45 min.: 170 €
  • 1 hour: 200 €
masaje erotico especial shiva deluxe


It is a fully interactive and fully nude massage with the masseuse. In this session, you can taste all the techniques of erotic massage: Tantric, thai, body & body on a divan. With two erogenous relaxations through sensual massage of your intimate area to reach the absolute ecstasy where you can enjoy twice the pleasure and double climax that will take you to the most enjoyable moment ever dreamed.

  • 45 min.: 230 €
  • 1 hour: 250 €


It is the most erotic massage from our menu. It is fully interactive and with the masseuse completely nude. In this session, you can enjoy an erotic shower where you reach the ecstasy. Then, you can view and enjoy all the techniques of erotic massage: Tantric, thai, body & body on the divan. Ending the session on the futon making something earthly paradise with the second erogenous relaxation of your intimate area.

  • 45 min.: 270 €
  • 1 hour: 300 €


All proposals for our massage center are also achievable for women. You can choose any professional, either male or female. You can also take advantage of eroticism that is baked in our facilities, allowing you to reach a desirable state of relaxation and discover the pleasure that hide your erogenous zones.

  • Rates: According to massage chosen from our Shiva massage range.


Eroticism, enjoyed with the couple is much more powerful. Respect, discretion and harmony are some of the principles of Massage Shiva. Privacy is one of the strengths of our center, so you’ll enjoy the best atmosphere in a facility prepared for relaxation with candles, music, … An evening like no other with the person you love most. This proposal includes aromatherapy and stimulation of the body through relaxing techniques, sensitive massage, body to body and Tantra, a fusion of all pleasures. The masseuse chosen accompany you to a couples’ room equipped with futons and there, you show everything you know about sensuality. The massage can be performed either by one of our female masseuses as one of our male masseurs. It is only receptor and, therefore, no interaction with the professional.

The massage can be performed by one or two of our masseuses or by a masseuse and a masseur

  • 1 hour 1 masseuse: 200 € per Couple
  • 1 hour 2 masseuses: 300 € per Couple
masaje erotico para parejas


This proposal does include interaction with our professionals. The connection between couple and masseur (or massage) is created naturally, and will be the most erotic and sensual. The best of this tantric massage is that, as above, combines aromatherapy and stimulation of the body but with added value: you can taste the curves of professional hands, his whole body go shamelessly. Your wildest dreams will come true and, what is even better, you will be accompanied by your partner. At the end of the session, you can enjoy the intimate room with the couple and declare the end of the massage. The massage can be performed either by one or two of our female masseuses or a female masseuse and one of our male masseurs.

an idyllic place for your reminders…

The massage can be performed by one or two of our masseuses or by a masseuse and a masseur.

  • 1 hour 1 masseuse: 250 € per Couple
  • 1 hour 2 masseuses: 400 € per Couple
masaje erotico parejas interactivo


It is the most pleasurable experience that can offer you our professionals. Together with your partner, you can enjoy a tantric massage with four hands, that is, with two therapists that will help you find the extreme pleasure. Tantric massage Shiva are the perfect fusion of the best-gotten techniques that would enhance both your physical pleasure as your emotional pleasure, always using as a main element body contact.

  • 45 min 2 masseuses: 270 €
  • 1 hour 2 masseuses: 300 €

masaje erotico a cuatro manos