Do you know how to perform a proper erotic massage?

Caressing is an art, and in the realm of erotic massage, it is crucial to learn how to caress and be caressed. Although some may think otherwise, the focus of erotic massage should not only be the common erogenous zones but the entire body. Indeed, the skin is composed of an infinite number of sensitive points that you can discover day by day. The hands, as well as other parts of the body, should gently glide over the earlobes, neck, around the mouth, nose, and cheeks, continuing down the chest and curves of the recipient, all the way to the feet.

Yes, hands are the primary tool for performing a proper erotic massage. However, the mouth can also be a very useful, if not indispensable, tool. Occasionally biting and licking all the aforementioned areas is important, but always with gentleness and observing the recipient’s reaction. Many people enjoy this during such an intimate act as an erotic massage. Stimulation through pinching is also truly gratifying and should be done through brief and simple gestures all over the body. Typically, the thumb and index finger of the hand are used, although it is also possible to use the lips. In both cases, extreme delicacy in execution is necessary to achieve the desired arousal effect.

While these techniques form the foundation to understand the art of erotic massage, it is advisable to learn to breathe slowly and deeply before performing them. Slowing down the breath helps control arousal better, whether you are giving or receiving the massage. Learning this is as important as executing the hand movements correctly. Synchronizing breathing allows the participants to flow in time and achieve sensory balance.

In addition to the mentioned techniques, there are also objects that can assist. Indeed, sensations become more intense using feathers or other materials to caress the recipient. The use of oils also helps increase pleasure, as they enhance desire by containing substances that mimic the scent of sexual hormones. Oils are highly concentrated, so direct contact with the skin should be avoided.

Therefore, to fully arouse the recipient’s entire body, we must stimulate the skin gently and progressively increase the intensity and frequency of the movement. Erotic masseuses at Masajes Shiva know perfectly how to perform the most complete and pleasurable erotic massage. Visit our center and let yourself be delighted by their hands, or if you prefer, let them teach you their foolproof techniques.

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