Nuru massage: the best treatment for your well-being

Physiotherapy is the therapy of human gestures and has been used for centuries. Thus, it is a movement therapy, intervening in muscles and joints, allowing for posture correction or re-educating the movement of a limb.

Orthotherapists do not manipulate the spine or organs but mobilize them. Mobilization involves moving a segment actively, passively, or oppositely. The movements are always slow and gentle, respecting the client’s limits and the “normal” range of motion of a joint. Additionally, erotic massages provide a feeling of absolute relaxation.

Advantages of a Good Massage

1- Relaxation and Sleep

Receiving an erotic massage is relaxing, needless to say. But did you know that the relaxing effect of a massage can improve your sleep quality and help reduce insomnia, headaches, and even depression? Indeed, the relaxation associated with massage can have an impact on the rest of your health.

2- Muscle Tension Relief

Massage and relaxation techniques can alleviate muscle tension related to your lifestyle. If you work sitting down, there may be tension in the lower back. If you are a stressed person, a massage can help reduce tension in your shoulders and neck. Conventional massages can help you balance the harmful effects of sitting for long periods or the impact of stress on your muscles, and much more.

3- Increased Range of Motion

Thanks to natural therapies, your masseuse can help increase the range of your joints, respecting the natural limits of the joint. Thus, for example, you can regain mobility after an accident.

4- Correction of Postural Imbalances

Do you have poor posture or need advice? Your massage therapist can help you by working with you to rehabilitate your body and correct your problem. This massage professional will also recommend exercises to help you regain good posture and optimize your health.

5-Body Stimulation through Reflexology

Reflexology is a foot massage that, through specific pressure points, stimulates the different organs of the human body. These pressure points act on the organs for better body functioning, making erotic massages a kind of natural medicine.

6- Detoxifying Your Body

Some massage techniques aim to drain and detoxify your system. They increase lymphatic circulation, while stimulating the different glands of your body to eliminate waste products from your body. These massages are recommended for edema, circulatory pain, and fibromyalgia.

7- Massage for Pregnant Women

Relaxing, therapeutic, or erotic: there are various types of massages that benefit pregnant women. They are based on techniques adapted for the comfort and safety of the mother and baby. Massage is very beneficial for pregnant women. Indeed, it allows relaxing muscles and relieving pains related to the body’s transformation and posture.

Generally, most masseurs offer 60 or 90-minute sessions. If you are unsure between these two options, it is important to validate your expectations. If you are looking for relaxation, without any other purpose, both types of sessions can help you relax. If you want a comprehensive treatment, erotic massages are the best option.

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