7 Benefits of the Glandular Massage

The glans is a very sensitive, reddish or pinkish area located at the end of the penis. In most cases, its thickness exceeds that of the rest of the male reproductive system. Its surface is endowed with multiple nerve endings, explaining its special sensitivity and why it is one of the areas that provides the most sexual pleasure. Do you want to know the benefits of glandular massage?

What are the benefits of glandular massage?

The glans is a part of the penis that serves to stimulate sexual pleasure and to expel pre-ejaculatory fluid, as well as semen and urine. This part is very important as it is responsible for awakening pleasure in men, being responsible for orgasm and subsequent ejaculation.

  1. Firstly, improve the blood flow of the erectile tissue.
  2. Achieve an instant and rapid erection.
  3. Contribute to the physical and emotional relaxation of the person.
  4. Significantly increase sexual desire.
  5. Enhance intimacy and communication between the couple.
  6. Break the sexual routine, making relationships more fun and dynamic.
  7. Stimulate the sexual hormones responsible for providing arousal and orgasms.

In summary, we can say that these massages contribute to improving the quality of sexual relations in a couple. This massage can be part of a series of exercises that can optionally be done before sex, like a pubic massage or a perineal massage. After all, enjoying sex should never be seen as something indecent and vulgar but as a healthy experience.

What to consider when practicing this type of massage

Making your partner enjoy is one of the most important missions. Knowing the areas where they experience the greatest sensations is very important, and of course, knowing the benefits of glandular massage will help you experiment in search of the greatest pleasure.

When an erection occurs, we forget that there are many sensations that can be reinforced to reach the climax in a spectacular way. There are several erogenous zones in the penis where men can feel incredible pleasure, precisely the glans, the head of the penis where there are many nerve endings.

To start a glandular massage, it is convenient to apply lubricant or essential oil to the hands. This will increase smoothness and pleasure, facilitating the whole process. To do it properly, simply hold the penis firmly in one hand and caress the glans with the other using gentle circular movements.

From time to time, change the direction and even exert a little pressure on the glans to drive it crazy. In any case, never forget that you should always do it in the most delicate way possible to avoid causing any discomfort or damage. A tip! Start by stimulating his testicles and slowly move up to this erogenous zone.

If you are interested, here we explain how to massage the penis.

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