The secret of a good erotic massage

Techniques and tips to create a sensual experience with your partner

A good erotic massage can be the key to improve your relationship or get closer to the other person. It is an intimate moment in which a bond of trust is generated between the two and it is much easier to let go.

The success of a good erotic massage depends above all on the ability of the hands and fingers to rhythmically press the other’s body. Combine different techniques depending on the area and explore your partner’s body, so you can enhance the excitement on the erogenous points that are found throughout the body.

There are some erogenous zones that are general in all people and others that are characteristic of the specific person you are giving the massage to, that is why communication and trust are essential.

The first tips to keep in mind before explaining the different erotic massage techniques are very simple. It is important that the hands slide smoothly over your partner’s body, always exerting pleasant and stable pressure. With experience you will know if there are areas where he likes you to massage with more pressure or even if he likes a soft bite.

An environment full of pleasure

The environment will be very important when carrying out such an intimate massage. The room has to become a pleasant and quiet place, without noise, a safe space in which to relax and let go. Make sure that the temperature is adequate, keep in mind that the other person will be naked and must feel comfortable in order to reach an absolute state of relaxation.

Music will be your best ally to create the ideal environment. You can choose a playlist that makes the moment relaxing, romantic and sensual. Put a dim light and some candles and you will get a feeling of intimacy and closeness that surrounds you, the best time to start the massage.

Make sure that your hands are not cold so as not to make the other person uncomfortable and choose the massage oil that you like the most. This will make the movements more fluid and the chosen aromas will create a unique environment. If you want to go one step further and experience more, there are massage oils of different edible flavors that can make the experience much more sensual and intimate.

The best erotic massage techniques

Kneading: It is for the most muscular areas such as hips and thighs. You can go slower and deeper or faster and shallower, although the former is considered more sensual. It consists of lifting, squeezing and rolling the skin between the thumb and fingers of one hand and then repeating the movement with the other.

Wave movement: This technique is very pleasant when applied to the shoulders, palms of the hands, feet and breasts. It is based on making small circular movements with the fingers curved as in a semi-open fist, keeping half of the fingers pressing the skin.

Suction cup effect: It consists of giving soft blows on the body alternating the hands, the thumbs should go inwards and the fingers together. These movements are quick and light so that the skin is stimulated and refreshed.

Taps: It is done with closed fists in fleshy and muscular areas. The taps have to be light but energetic, alternating the front and back of the fist. This is the technique with which the massage should end because it is usually the most exciting of all.

Where does the erotic massage begin?

It is recommended to follow an ascending order, from the feet to the head, paying attention to the erogenous zones to intensify the sensations. Not all the nerve endings in our body are the same, but we must bear in mind that the receptors related to pleasure are only activated when the caress is done at a slow speed and without excessive pressure. According to studies, the speed of movement of 3 centimeters per second is interpreted positively by our brain.

The massage then should start with the feet, they are a very important area that is worth paying attention to because they are reflex zones. This means that the movement that is made at a certain point can also be felt in your reflex zone of the body. You can learn more in our post here.

The massage continues down the legs until it reaches the buttocks and the inner part of the thigh. They are erogenous zones that anticipate what may come next, so apart from feeling pleasure, sexual tension also begins to be created.

To combine exciting sensations with relaxing ones, we must continue through the back and shoulders. Being astride our partner, we can feel closer, with more body-to-body contact, in this case it will not be the massage that creates that sensation of pleasure but rather the feeling of being close to the other person.

We can finish the massage in very erogenous areas such as the neck, where massages and bites can be combined, or a massage on the breasts, where in addition to caresses the tongue can also be used. Although this entry serves as a guide to perform the erotic massage, you can also let yourself be carried away by what you feel like or what each one of you likes.

If you want to go one step further, you can go to our massage center specialized in massages for couples. The professionals will show you massage techniques that you may not know so that you can apply them with your partner every time you want to experience a moment of connection and intimacy between you.

Come and enjoy with your partner our erotic massages at Shiva Massages.

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