Japanese Massages: A Highly Erotic Tradition

Often, we associate Japan with its erotic customs. We can’t help but think of its fetish objects or its geishas. You might think these are just stereotypes, but that’s not the case. Japanese massages are presented as a highly erotic tradition that many people do not want to give up when they visit the Land of the Rising Sun. Fortunately, it is possible to access them without having to travel so far.

Exotic Pleasures of the East

Japanese massage dates back to 1000 BC, but at that time, it was part of traditional Chinese medicine, and it was Japanese Buddhist monks who studied the technique now known as Anma.

In 1940, Anma and other massage techniques were grouped together to form one, now known as Shiatsu. In our current society, these exceptional Japanese massage techniques have been reinvented, adding a special erotic touch. This gives rise to various sensory experiences imbued with the exotic pleasures of the East.

Erotic massage centers offer whirlwinds of sensations, thanks to the use of the most exciting Japanese massages. The client can choose different options to connect body and mind while relaxing all the muscles in their body.

In today’s fast-paced life, it is necessary to have a relaxation tool like this. The accelerated pace of our lives makes us forget the most essential thing: ourselves. With the help of these techniques, mental blocks and energy stagnation are avoided to experience pleasure more intensely.

Current Japanese Techniques Loaded with Sensuality

Erotic Japanese massage centers have extensive experience in providing excellent service. Their professionals combine Japanese-origin massage with certain tantric elements, as well as innovative techniques and products.

The Nuru massage, for example, is an erotic massage where the masseuse and the client must be naked. The technique used is to slide the body of the professional over the client’s body, something that differs greatly from a regular massage.

In these highly sensual massages, it is common to use oils or gels with high lubricating capacity to make the bodies slippery. This is what gives them a truly special character.

Japanese massages are a highly erotic tradition; in fact, they are the most exciting ones available today. To practice them, masseuses can use their hands as well as their entire bodies, leading to refined movements to establish physical contact and a certain intimacy. The connection that can be created between the massage recipient and the one performing it is maximum. Tactile sensations intensify, and body relaxation is absolute.

Maximizing pleasure and excitement is what Japanese massages aim to achieve. However, to facilitate pleasure for the client and ensure they enjoy a unique and sensual experience, the setting is crucial. The tantric divan, for example, is another option for relaxing the body in multiple positions.

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