Relaxation before erotic massage

Relaxation before erotic massage

At Shiva Massage we are experts in the pleasure of our clients, we have designed our massage center to induce a state of maximum satisfaction. Whether it is the first time or the tenth, experiencing nerves at the prospect of an erotic massage is absolutely normal, so it is essential to know how to relax before an erotic massage.

Prior relaxation is as important as the treatment itself to increase the benefits during and after an erotic massage. That is why we want to offer you some tips that will help you relax so that you enjoy our experience to the fullest.

Previous relaxation techniques

We understand that there are many factors that influence a person’s stress and nerves before a massage, that’s why we bring you our best tips
to make your erotic massage an experience like no other.

Controlled breathing

It is important to achieve a greater state of relaxation. The nerves increase the frequency of the heartbeat and this causes discomfort during the massage. You can do breathing exercises just before the massage. These techniques are intended to improve blood circulation and promote a state of complete relaxation. Close your eyes, try to focus your thoughts only on your breath and take the first inhalation through your nose, being aware of how the air fills your lungs. Hold the air for a few seconds and exhale slowly. Placing your hands on your stomach can help you breathe; you will be more aware of your relaxation.

Positive thoughts

It is completely normal to have all kinds of thoughts that can make us nervous before the massage. Concentrating on positive thoughts can help you with relaxation and focus on your senses. These thoughts can ease fears that affect your mood.

Mindfulness or mindfulness

It is a technique that helps to alleviate stress and worries. Focus on the physical part of this mental exercise. You can start the exercise by the feet and go up to the head or vice versa. Focus attention on each part of your body in order to avoid invasive thoughts.

Relaxing shower or bath

Finally, an effective relaxation technique before entering the massage, both mental and physical, is a good shower or hot bath. Not only will it help your mind relax, but it will soften skin and muscle tissues, making them more receptive to massage.

In the massage

The goal is to relax and enjoy an erotic experience! Free your mind, your breath and your muscles. Any form of stress should be left out of this experience. Once you have taken your first steps in relaxation, the experience will finish developing your eroticism and sensuality.

With these techniques at your disposal, together with the skillful hands of our specialists and masseurs, you will reach a state of positive relaxation to be able to enjoy both during and after the massage. So, let yourself go and enjoy!

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