Secrets of erotic massage that nobody has told you

Our masseuses reveal some of their tricks

Don't just use your hands

A good erotic massage is the perfect combination of deep relaxation and stimulation of the erogenous zones to lead you to experience very intense pleasure. It is one of the best gifts you can give yourself by coming to our massage center and it can also be the key to improving your relationship or getting closer to the other person. It is an intimate moment in which a bond of trust is generated between the two and it is much easier to let go.

Erotic massage depends above all on the ability of hands and fingers to rhythmically press the other’s body. We combine different techniques according to the area and we explore the body to enhance the excitement on the erogenous points that excite you the most. But one of the secrets is to go further and not just use your hands.

The most sensitive areas, usually thin skin, are the best place to use the lips and tongue. Start by kissing gently, that will create expectation in the other person and prepare them to feel your tongue later. This sensation is very pleasant because the other person can feel the humidity and your breath that will awaken all their nerve endings.

For the more fleshy or muscular areas we use another less delicate technique such as soft bites or scratching with the nails. This produces a very different sensation from caresses and this novelty excites even more.

Each person has their particular tastes, therefore there must always be communication with the other person to find out which are their most erogenous zones and with what pressure and with which part of the body they experience more pleasure.

The key is in the combination of the best techniques

Roces: it is basic and essential throughout the massage. It consists of gently sliding or brushing the hands over the body, no need to apply pressure, just caress. It’s the best technique to start arousing the other person.
Frictions: It is based on making small circular movements with the fingers curved as in a semi-open fist, keeping half of the fingers pressing the skin.
Kneading: it is a more complex and passionate technique, recommended for the most muscular areas such as hips and thighs. It consists of lifting, squeezing and rolling the skin between the thumb and fingers of one hand and then repeating the movement with the other. The movement can be slower and deeper or faster and shallower, although the former is considered more sensual.
Soft percussions: They are short and soft blows, alternating the front and back of the fist. They serve to stimulate muscles and nerve endings. With this technique we will finish the massage because it is usually the most exciting of all.

Unknown erogenous zones

Knowing your erogenous zones will make you have better sexual experiences by knowing your body and your tastes better.

The main erogenous zones of the male body that we already know are the penis, the testicles, the perineum and the P-spot that we will talk about next, and the nipples.

However, there are other areas that we do not know are erogenous or that we pay very little attention to and do not know how to stimulate them, such as the ears, feet and ankles.

The ears

Although the earlobe is the most commonly stimulated part, it is best to start at the outer edge and work your way inward. Whisper in the other person’s ear to start turning him on by telling him how much you want him, let him feel your breath, and then move on to kissing. The moisture and warmth of your tongue will be the best of your tricks to make him feel unimaginable pleasure.

The feet

This is a very special erotic zone as it is also a reflex zone. It is said that you can practically draw a map of the entire body on the soles of our feet, each point of the foot corresponds to another area of ​​the body.

That is why the key areas that can be stimulated are the ankles –whose reflex zone is the genitals– and a pressure point that is located on the sole, covering around 33% of the route from before the curve in the center towards the third toe. It’s called the gurgling of spring, if this point is pressed it stimulates blood flow throughout the body, completely arousing it.

Importance of point P

You probably knew that the perianal area is a very sensitive area that causes pleasure, but not how important it is. For men, one of the most unknown areas is the P-spot. It is a fleshy area in the first 5 cm of the anal rectum capable of taking you to experience pleasures that you never imagined, it is said to be the male G-spot. Learn more by reading Point P: what it is, where it is and how it is stimulated

The importance of breathing

KSMO stands for “Key Sound Multiple Orgasm”, this is the name of the breathing technique that can lead to greater pleasure during orgasm.

Thanks to KSMO, orgasm occurs throughout the entire body, not just in the genital area as it normally does.

The method indicates that breathing should produce a sound (the key sound that gives it its name) that generates a vibration in the body, as if it were the purr of a cat. This breathing technique is accompanied by a light stimulation with a massage of the perineum or point P that makes you experience a slight tingle of satisfaction known as “the Echo effect”.

This is the last of the best erotic massage secrets, now you can visit us and experience them in person and then put them into practice.

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