Secrets of Tantra

The art of tantric massage is a world full of secrets connected to the search and exploration of pleasure and spirituality. It is incredible how thanks to the practice of tantric massages it is possible to discover new sensations of pleasure and that at the same time help to maintain healthy and happy lives and relationships.

For this, it is important to take into account certain aspects when receiving a tantric massage and in this way fully enjoy all its benefits.

Key tips for a perfect tantric massage

Thanks to our senses and our perceptions it is possible to achieve an intense orgasm.


The environment is as important or almost as important as the massage itself. At Shiva Massage, our masseuses make your room a unique place in which aspects such as temperature, music and lighting are taken into account to create the most idyllic and relaxing massage space possible.


When it comes to tantric massage, oil is a must to deliver an incredibly sensual experience to the massage recipient.

Although it may seem like just another addition, it is true that without a good massage oil you will not be able to experience all its benefits. The massage professional will choose the oil that best suits the skin and the purpose of the massage.


Finally, it is essential to have a proper mindset to be able to receive the massage correctly. Relaxation is essential to perceive each of the masseuse’s caresses and rubs and the effects it has on your body

In order to achieve a better state of relaxation, a good technique would be to focus on your breath or recite a mantra that helps you focus on that positive thought rather than other thoughts that may affect the way you experience the massage.

How to perform a tantric massage

Once all the elements mentioned above are in perfect harmony, it is time to focus all attention on receiving the massage.

Back of body

As a general rule, tantric massage begins at the back of the body. In this way, the masseuse helps the recipient to relax by massaging the parts of the body that may have more accumulated tension, such as the back or neck. Using plenty of oil at the right temperature, the masseuse helps to get rid of contractures and stiffness in certain areas.

Front of body

It is important to massage and relax the front of the body gently. The masseuse will stop to thoroughly relax and massage other parts of the body such as the recipient’s legs, feet, hands, arms and belly before moving on to massage the lingam itself.

The lingam massage

he main role of the masseuse is to try to delay orgasm as long as possible so that the recipient can connect with the sensations of pleasure in their fullness, both physically and emotionally. Getting to this point takes time and practice, and that is why giving a wonderful tantric massage is an art.

The masseuse is in complete control of the situation, therefore, through breathing and reactions, she will be able to determine what the recipient needs to experience sexual energy in its different and new forms.

A slow, gentle and prolonged massage can be incredibly healing for the recipient, as ejaculation is not its only end.

Discover the secrets of Tantra with our most experienced masseuses.

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