Stimulating the Vagina Through Massage

Do you want to make a woman tremble with pleasure? You should know that the female body has a large number of erogenous points that you can stimulate for an unforgettable intimate experience. Penetration is just one more aspect of sex; caresses, kisses, and massages are essential for the experience to be full of pleasure.

Here we tell you how you can stimulate the vagina through massage, as it is a type of manual technique that will help you better understand the female body and, in addition, make your bed partner enjoy incredible and exciting sensations.

How to Perform a Vulva Massage?

A massage on the vulva or vagina will help you achieve incredible orgasms for the woman during intimate relationships. It is a type of manual manipulation that must be done with great tact, care, and, above all, without rushing. Calmness, connection, and mutual enjoyment will make the experience magical.

But, how can this type of massage be carried out? Below, we will offer you some tips that will help you perform it in a delicious and memorable way. Take note of all these secrets!

Begin with a Body Massage

We must not forget that, although we are going to perform an erotic massage in the intimate area of the woman, it is still a massage. That is, it aims for sensory relaxation and stimulation. Therefore, to create the right atmosphere, it is best to start with a massage all over the body so that the girl relaxes and connects with her body.

Gentle Movements on the Vulva

To stimulate the vagina through massage, it is important that you are very careful with the movements you make. Remember that it is a very sensitive area of the female body, and therefore, it is best to move gently and slowly. Moreover, going slowly will increase the woman’s desire, and her whole body will be alert to sexual arousal.

Lubricate Your Fingers

For the massage experience to be smooth and delicious, we recommend that you use lubricant. Put it on your fingers so that, when you introduce them into the vaginal cavity, the movement is easier and more delicate.

Introduce Your Fingers Slowly

In a vulva massage, you have to introduce your fingers into the vagina, but before going directly to the area, it is advisable to pass your fingers over the vaginal lips, both internal and external. Gently rub so that the area is activated and the girl begins to experience incredible pleasure. Afterward, you can carefully and slowly introduce your fingers.

Touch the Clitoris with Your Thumb

For complete vaginal stimulation, you must not forget the clitoris. To do this, it is best to place your thumb near the clitoris while you introduce the index finger into the vagina and gently rub it. You must be extremely careful in this area because it is highly sensitive. It is best to move in circles and press lightly.

By following these tips, you will be able to perform an incredible vaginal massage that will help your girl experience maximum arousal.”

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