Thai Massages: The Best Natural Medicine

Are you still unfamiliar with Thai massages? They are a type of massage that originates from Thailand and are closely linked to oriental medicine. This manual technique allows the body to relax and treat any ailments, thus harmonizing the energy of the entire organism and improving health both externally and internally.

It is believed that the origin of Thai massages comes from the very doctor of Buddha. The goal was to maintain good health so that the entire body functioned correctly. To achieve this, he compiled different techniques and methods from various ancient traditions to create Thai massages.

The Different Types of Thai Massages That Exist

Today, there are many diverse Thai massages, following different methodologies. Often, the different techniques used are related to the region of the country where the massage was developed.

Here we leave you a list of the most well-known types of massages that you can enjoy to improve your health fully:

Pisit Thai Massage

This massage was created by Mr. Pisit, a master who is well-known in Thailand. His massage proposal is based on the most traditional techniques, to which he has added innovations and more modern methods. This health professional is considered one of the best Thai masseurs, and for that reason, he founded this school.

Chiang Mai Massage

In the north of the country, we find the city of Chiang Mai, a place where a variation of Thai massages has been developed that are different from those in the south. Here, the technique used is gentler with more delicate movements and more careful pressures.

Shan Massage

This is another massage from the north of Thailand, specifically from a village located 3 hours from Chiang Mai called Pai. This Thai massage is characterized by being energetic and activating muscle and tendon circulation. To perform it, different techniques of traditional Thai massage are carried out to achieve an interesting and health-beneficial mix of styles.

Benefits of Thai Massage

Now that you know more about what Thai massages are and the different types that exist, here we will offer you a list of benefits they provide to our body. It is a natural massage that is designed not only to relax but also to activate circulation and improve the energy flow of our body.

Here is a comprehensive list of all the benefits of this type of massage:

  • Activates circulation: this allows the body to be more oxygenated and our entire body to function exceptionally.
  • Strengthens muscles and joints: thanks to the pressures and technique of these massages, our muscles and joints become more elastic and therefore less prone to injuries.
  • Mental and physical relaxation: these Thai massages also help to relax our body completely and therefore fight against anxiety or stress.

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