Nuru Massage – Whas is it?

The nuru massage has its origin in Japan, where the therapist uses her whole body to provide the greatest possible pleasure to the client. This is one of the main characteristics different from the rest of the treatments. In this way, the name “nuru” is honored, which means “slippery”, since an oil is applied in large quantities so that the body of the masseuse can cover you with ease.

This type of massage is very versatile, as it can be performed in a massage room as well as in a bed. The popularity of this massage has increased in recent years, as it was not as well known as lingam massage, for example.

How a nuru massage is performed

The nuru massage allows you to be totally intimate with the other person. Many times we underestimate the benefits of body contact, but this is the way to establish a deeper connection. Generally, it is the masseuse who holds the reins of the situation, allowing the other person to devote themselves solely to experiencing pleasure. Once you have gone to a specialized center like Shiva, you can introduce this method in the sexual relations with your partner, since it is an excellent incentive to leave the routine.

In spite of its Asian origin, the nuru massage has been introduced in our treatments due to the great demand that exists. Clients who receive it experience a high level of pleasure and therefore often repeat. Having a therapist at your disposal is a luxury, as he knows how to touch you at every moment. Know the countless advantages of this therapy in our specialized center Shiva.

What are the benefits of a nuru massage?

Thanks to this type of treatment, our clients are able to park stress and worries for a while. We manage to bring them to a state of peace and tranquillity that culminates in a state of total relaxation. Due to the characteristics of this massage, it can be useful for both men and women, and the massage service for couples could be requested. The Western world has known how to understand the success of these therapies and that is why we find so many centers that offer this service.

With the aim of maximising the benefits of nuru massage, go to one of our centres and you will see that it is not only about the massage itself, but that we create a suitable environment in all senses to optimise the session. Likewise, a contact as intimate as this one will allow to increase the degree of confidence between client and masseur, reason why a nuru massage in Shiva becomes an excellent bet in relation quality-price.

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