Traditional massage and erotic massage

Take care of your body and treat yourself to a massage

The human organism is capable of experiencing different sensations through the senses: smell, sight, sound, taste, and above all, touch.

In recent decades, massages have become popular worldwide as a tool for relaxation and well-being, and based on this widespread practice, different massage modalities have been developed to adapt to the different needs of clients.

When we hear about erotic massage, preconceptions come to mind due to the taboo surrounding sexuality and eroticism. It is true that an erotic massage includes a sensual element that differentiates it from a traditional massage, but they also share some similarities. Both types of massages start from the same concept: relaxation.

However, from Shiva Massage, we want to expand your sensory horizons and we propose to open you to new sensations and possibilities with erotic massages.

Traditional Massage

Traditional massages are those that are aimed at alleviating all kinds of physical and mental ailments.

An experienced masseuse concentrates the parts of the body where more tension usually accumulates. In most cases, patients ask the masseuse to focus on a specific place where they feel discomfort or illness.

Traditional massage can be a remedy to relieve pain symptoms. Among the most common traditional massages, Swedish massage and Thai massage predominate, whose physical benefits are restorative and invigorating. Despite the vast variety of massages available, most people prefer to receive a traditional massage over other types of massages as it is considered one of the easiest massage therapists can do.

Erotic Massage

Erotic massage is one of the forms of massage that carries more controversy due to its sexual connotation. During this massage, the masseuse mainly focuses on the client’s erogenous zones in order to be able to excite him and bring him to orgasm.

Due to the sexual connotation of erotic massage, many people deprive themselves of the sensory experience that such a massage brings. Likewise, it is a massage that is normally associated with men, however, it also extends to couples therapy or to women.

In order to fully enjoy this therapy, one must try to go without preconceptions and enjoy all its healthy benefits. The sensual element is just an addition that differentiates it from a traditional massage.

In short, to decide the type of massage one must consider the needs that he wants to cover when going to an erotic massage center. Erotic massage provides more benefits than a traditional massage, since, apart from helping to relax muscles, improve circulation, improve mood and tone the skin, it helps prolong male ejaculation.

What are you waiting for to enjoy a world of unexplored pleasures with Shiva Massage?

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