Training: the key to a more pleasant orgasm

It is no secret that sport is a good way to improve your physical and mental state. But, in addition, the training sessions help to improve your sexual life thanks to all the benefits it provides.

Physical exercise fosters the foundations of a healthy lifestyle that is reflected in your sexual performance and performance.

Next, we are going to list the different benefits of playing sports.

Improves erection

Cardiovascular training dilates blood vessels and thereby increases blood circulation. Physical activity distributes blood throughout the body, including the erogenous zones, which will help prevent the appearance of problems associated with erectile dysfunction in men and improve the quality of their orgasms.

Another reason why physical exercise improves sex has to do with metabolic factors. Sport controls insulin levels, which in the long run could cause metabolic disorders that could affect sexual arousal. So, physical activity facilitates and improves the quality of arousal and helps to achieve a more pleasant orgasm.

More agility and stamina

Experts recommend exercising regularly to keep your body strong and limber, which, at the same time, increases stamina and sexual stamina. Maybe you even dare to try new sexual positions that you did not think you could do before!

The vigor and stamina that develops as a result of exercising are reflected in the bedroom, as they prevent fatigue and rapid drowning during intimate acts. What’s more, exercise also positively influences the lungs, helping to improve and control breathing to avoid feeling the sensation of suffocation.

Improves mood

Apart from the physical benefits, sport also favors mental well-being, since during physical activity we secrete hormones that help regulate our mood and reduce cortisol, which is the hormone responsible for stress.

Exercise causes men to release hormones like endorphins, which cause feelings of happiness, dopamine which activates pleasure, and serotonin which improves and balances mood. Additionally, men secrete testosterone, which not only calms the mind, but also makes women more sexually attracted to them on a biological level.

Helps you feel more attractive

Exercising makes us feel better about our body and therefore also improves our self-esteem. For the human being, it is important to feel good about himself and feel desired by his sexual partner, which fuels our desire to have sex.

Exercising changes the perception we have of our physique, makes us feel more comfortable with our physical appearance and, consequently, desire and libido increase. Feeling confident and looking attractive is the key to having better sex.

In short, physical exercise has multiple benefits, both physically and mentally and sexually.

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