Types of erotic massages

The general belief is that an erotic massage is a traditional massage with a happy ending. However, this idea is not true, since there is a wide variety of different massage techniques and knowledge that are capable of providing pleasure and benefits for both your body and your mind.

What types of massage are there?

Next, we will list different types of erotic massages that exist, but the truth is that there are many more.

Tantric massage

Tantra massage is originally from India, and follows the principles of the Kama Sutra, which is an ancient sexual text that explores the different sexual positions, to achieve a state of mental peace through orgasm.

The masseuse will warm your whole body thanks to the oils, massaging and pressing the exact chakra points of your body, stimulating them little by little to unblock the flow of energy in your body. The masseuse will try to bring you to a “tantra” state, which means a prolonged state of peace and happiness.

Couples massage

Sometimes long-term relationships fall into a monotony and routine that makes them stagnate in their sexual relationships. An excellent way to regain your libido and try new things without committing infidelities is to go to an erotic massage center for couples and enjoy the experience while being pampered with a fiery erotic massage.

Nuru Massage

This massage essentially consists of rubbing the masseuse’s body with yours thanks to a massage oil made from nori seaweed. This element makes the oil more slippery. While the beautiful masseuse rubs and rubs her body with yours, she takes the opportunity to apply pressure and massage the knots and blocks of your body.

Lingam Massage

Lingam in Sanskrit means “rod of light”, which is how the virile member of men is considered. Therefore, lingam massage involves stimulating the genital area of ​​a man. Not only is it about stroking and massaging the penis, but this practice also focuses on massaging the testicles, perineum, and the outer part of the prostate.

Prostate massage

Although it may not be the favorite area of ​​many to receive a massage, it can open new doors of unexplored pleasure. From the point of view of the Indians, the prostate gland is considered an emotional, sacred and sexual place in a man, and therefore it should be stimulated like other erogenous zones of our body. In order to fully enjoy this type of massage, it is usually accompanied by a lingam massage. Try it and you will not be indifferent!

Four-hand massage

What is better than a massage from a beautiful woman? That’s! A massage performed by two beautiful and professional women. In essence it is the same type of massage as any other type of erotic massage, but both focus on different parts of your body. They will finally come together to make you discover a new world of pleasure.

And you, which of these massages would you try?

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