What is the Californian Massage?

When one thinks of California, images of sun, beach, and relaxation come to mind… That spirit is embodied in a complete Californian massage, a modality that serves many as an introduction to the world of massages and wellness.

Without any doubt, every therapy has its benefits; it’s just a matter of identifying the client’s needs and adapting to them. As it has become clear, massages improve people’s quality of life and are the perfect medicine when difficult problems arise.

The Californian Massage Step by Step

This type of treatment is based on movements that envelop the muscles and allow the body’s energy to flow correctly. In this way, it becomes a healing therapy by stripping the body of pain and tension that constrains it. Logically, it is an ideal way to treat stress.

To optimize the benefits of the treatment, the Californian massage is based on Gestalt psychology, seeking to project awareness in people through the manipulation of their body. It also emphasizes the need to awaken our senses and be aware of what truly makes us happy.

In general, one of the main characteristics of this type of massage is the use of harmonious and gentle movements, where the pressure is never excessive to exponentially increase the client’s degree of relaxation. The experience of the masseuse becomes more important here because their hands must work cautiously but also with determination.

Benefits of This Type of Massage

Through the manipulation exerted by a sensitive massage like this, the patient is endowed with the ability to connect with themselves, both physically and spiritually. Those who try this therapy often repeat, as the outcome tends to be satisfactory and they are left wanting to experience those sensations again.

Using techniques that also appear in other types of massages, the therapist provides a feeling of unparalleled relaxation. For this, they use complements such as essences or massage oils, allowing the movements of elbows, fingers, hands, or forearms to be much more effective when coming into contact with another person’s body.

This type of massage has experienced a boom in recent times as specialized massage centers are doing work to recover and expose less known massages to the general public and apply them to clients who require them.

As with other therapies, we encourage you to go to a serious massage center to have a guaranteed professional. Good words are of no use if the treatment is not worth it, but the complete Californian massage is on its way to becoming a benchmark in this sector in a very short time.

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