What not to eat before an erotic massage?

We have all heard of those foods that for one reason or another awaken passion within us, also called aphrodisiacs. However, people do not usually hear about those foods that cause the opposite in us and lower libido.

Normally large meals or a large intake of alcohol decrease the sexual appetite. Also, there are unfortunately some very common foods, ingredients, and drinks that kill the sex drive.

Don’t let food interfere with your experience during erotic massage.

What are aphrodisiacs?

Aphrodisiacs are substances that are capable of increasing people’s sexual desire. Western medicine does not accept this theory, but it is true that some drinks and some foods have some positive effects on our brain. For example, chocolate is said to help release endorphins into our bloodstream, which consequently helps us feel good.

Next, we will make a short list of foods that can lower libido.

Fried food

Multiple studies have shown that fried foods affect libido due to hydrogenated fats, which in turn lower testosterone. If you had in mind to eat some fries during a date, we advise you to avoid them.

Luckily, carbohydrates are still a good option, since baked potatoes, curiously, increase the levels of dopamine, which are the hormones responsible for pleasure.


Soy is often categorized as a superfood that helps with many health problems. However, in the case of sexuality, soy is considered an anti-aphrodisiac for men.

Phytoestrogens are found in soy, which tend to compete with male sex hormones, although it is also associated with other problems such as sexual dysfunction, fertility problems, or hair loss.

For this reason, Zen monks eat soybeans, as it helps them maintain their celibacy. Also, in Japan, married women whose husbands have been unfaithful add extra servings of tofu to their food to tame their libido.

The Gin Tonic

The “quinine” flavoring, found in the vast majority of tonic drinks, can actually lower testosterone levels in your body. What’s more, drinking alcohol in large amounts can inhibit your sexual desire, although alcohol in small amounts can help you lose your embarrassment.

In contrast, a glass of red wine is one of the most popular aphrodisiacs. “Amines”, an organic compound found in wine, have been shown to help increase sexual desire, stimulate the senses, and sometimes can even help you lose weight.


Licorice is made up of an active glycyrrhetinic acid, whose calming properties can make you drowsy. Licorice can cause hormonal changes in men and women, affecting their libido and can even lower testosterone levels in the body. These effects are only noticeable if licorice is consumed in large quantities.

In short, it is preferable not to consume any of these foods before an erotic massage, since it can slow down the pleasant effects of it.

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