Whispers and caresses

Caresses and whispers are one of the most sensual and intimate manifestations of a couple. Caresses in the right place and at the right time are one of the most beautiful demonstrations of love and a whisper is capable of making all your skin crawl if it comes from the person you love.

The healing caress

Stroking has a multitude of benefits that can improve the state of your physical and mental health. Touching can reduce depression, ease pain, and strengthen the immune system.

Stroking and whispering release large amounts of dopamine and endorphins into the bloodstream, reducing stress and promoting happiness and pleasure by creating strong, healthy relationships.

The chemicals released during foreplay, cuddling, back and foot massages, among others, can be very similar to those released during orgasm, but of less intensity.

The excitement through the caress

Due to external factors both physical and mental, it is possible that the arousal of both is affected. When the flame of passion is affected in the case of men and women, external stimuli are the perfect remedy to help the spark to ignite.

The brain is considered the ruling sex organ, as it regulates hormonal secretion and directs our emotions. Our brain is able to interpret stimuli and as a result, secrete the hormones responsible for arousal and pleasure.

Thus, the hands can be the best allies to increase sexual desire in men. In fact, it is the ideal way to enhance erections, especially if the man suffers from erectile dysfunction. Next, we will talk about five erogenous points that using caresses can stoke desire.


Foreplay can be started by gently running your fingers over the scalp, as this part of the body has numerous nerve endings. Stroking this area can be the perfect beginning to give rise to pleasure.


Another area that is sensitive to stimulation is the lips because the skin that covers them is very delicate. Eroticism can be increased not only by kissing your partner, but also by gently stroking the lips with your fingertips.


Between the scrotum and the anus is the erogenous zone called the Pyrenees. With proper stimulation you can increase a man’s level of arousal.

The Pyrenees is considered the third most sensitive point after the testicles and the penis. For this reason, it is important to treat it gently and gently stroke it with your fingers.


The testicles are the most sensitive area of ​​a man’s body, therefore, it must be treated with great tact. The gentle touch or caress on this point can be perfect to provoke different sensations.


Last but not least, a man’s quintessential erogenous zone is his penis. In the glans are an infinity of nerve endings. Proper stimulation of the entire genital area can lead to a sea of ​​different sensations that can lead to unmatched pleasure.

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