Why Choose a Four-Handed Massage?

Four-handed massages are based on the philosophy of Ayurveda, the ancient medicinal art of India, and are widely recognized and accepted around the world. This technique is part of holistic medicine, which aims to harmonize the individual on all levels, achieving balance physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally.

A massage given by an expert is a very relaxing and liberating experience, allowing you to release all the burdens on your shoulders and the rest of your body, eliminating the fatigue of stress and tensions accumulated from day to day. Now, imagine all these benefits doubled when receiving a four-handed massage by two massage therapists who are concerned with taking care of your well-being.

Benefits of the Four-Handed Massage

The four-handed massage is an ancient technique, in which two therapists work in harmony with each other to provide the utmost comfort to the patient. They perform completely calculated, symmetrical, and coordinated movements, giving the impression of being in front of a mirror. There are also specific techniques that require asymmetric massage but with the same effectiveness, where different parts of the body are worked on simultaneously.

One of the benefits of the four-handed massage is that it generates a feeling of complete well-being, where one experiences a level of global harmony, helping people with insomnia, anxiety, or stress.

As an alternative therapy, the four-handed massage also helps to improve the individual’s concentration, providing a sense of tranquility and serenity required to master all their spheres. It is a good therapy for stabilizing mood.

For people with muscle problems derived from their occupation, it also represents a good option. It stimulates local circulation in different parts of the body, which also contributes to strengthening the immune system.

The musculature can relax while expelling the toxic components that tire the muscle. These are carried into the circulation to be metabolized and eliminated.

At the same time, four-handed massages allow the lymph to flow more quickly and easily, exponentially improving lymphatic drainage. This helps to eliminate excess water from the body, sweep away the body’s toxins, and helps to quickly mobilize the cellular and humoral elements of the immune system, improving the immune response.

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