6 qualities that an erotic masseuse should have

An erotic masseuse in Barcelona or in any other corner of the world is someone very special, who is in charge of making us live fantastic moments of relaxation that help us to release all the accumulated stress of everyday life. Their physical attractiveness combined with an overwhelming and histrionic personality makes them the right people to enter a fabulous universe of wellbeing, where the most important thing is that you feel at ease. 


They are incredible professionals of high value who have special skills to assist their clients, offering them various alternatives of massage therapy under a sensual approach for their magnificent enjoyment. But beyond the flattery, we must consider how necessary it is for erotic masseuses to have interpersonal qualities for their work

Most of all, because their duty is to guarantee an exquisite treatment to those people who resort to their professional services with the purpose of living new experiences. No one wants to go to a massage parlour to find disgusting or bitter erotic masseuses, which generate extreme distrust and prevent an intimate connection between the two.

Through the following article, you will find out what are those special characteristics that should be present in a masseuse and thus avoid wasting valuable time with unpleasant beings. Are you interested in knowing more? Go ahead!


A masseuse must show empathy towards her clients, making a great effort to connect with those physical ailments and discomforts that afflict them in order to solve them through a wonderful massage. And this feeling must also be accompanied by the ability to listen to those who use her services, listening to them carefully as if they were that confidant to whom they can tell anything without fear of being judged.


Sensuality in an erotic masseuse goes beyond suggestive poses or aesthetically pleasing lingerie to excite clients. It is about using her feminine weapons to generate that special atmosphere for relaxation, making the client forget all those worries that may weigh on their shoulders to immerse themselves in a world of pleasure and extrasensory experiences that they will always remember with a smile on their face.


Erotic masseuses are in contact with all kinds of people, from famous artists to influential people in public life. In such circumstances, you should avoid giving opinions on intimate aspects of your clients’ lives and avoid touching on certain topics that may be uncomfortable for them.

If something extraordinary happens or you observe certain “abnormal” behaviour, you will have to keep such anecdotes to yourself very carefully so as not to humiliate your client.


Prejudices should be left at home, as well as that irreprehensible urge to question others about their lifestyle. At least this is something that masseuses are obliged to do, and they will have to open their minds to new cultures and rise above any complexes they may have.

There is no place here for condemning anyone, let alone dictating what is “politically correct”. Everyone is free to live as they see fit.


There is nothing more annoying than coming across an impatient masseuse who doesn’t take the time to explore every area of your body until she finds those erogenous zones that produce so much pleasure. You end up feeling uncomfortable, because it seems more like a commitment than a real professional service.

If you are thinking of becoming an erotic masseuse in Barcelona or anywhere else, it is necessary that you take this into consideration, because dedicating yourself with care to the client will be your best letter of introduction.


Being responsible is the last quality in this ranking, but one of the most important values in any masseuse. Nobody likes to be played with their time, making them wait for long minutes as if they had nothing else to do. Nor do we tolerate being offered things that are impossible to fulfil, leaving us with a horrible feeling of rage and impotence.

A good erotic masseuse should not only be responsible in terms of schedules, respecting them to the letter to guarantee an excellent service. It also needs to go hand in hand with ethics, adjusting to it as much as possible so as not to incur in misleading offers.


Can anyone be an erotic masseuse? Not at all! And here we prove it to you. If you are looking for erotic masseuses who meet this profile and make you shudder, let me tell you that you are in the right place. At Shivamasajes we bring you the best erotic masseuses in Barcelona. Call NOW and get to know the real pleasure!

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