Demolishing myths of erotic massage

What is an erotic massage?

An erotic massage is not only a well-being treatment, it is an experience that, in addition to leading you to absolute relaxation like any massage, also introduces you to a state of superior well-being through pleasure. Our erotic masseuses stimulate all your erogenous zones so that through your sexuality you achieve harmony between mind and body.

It’s a different way of experiencing pleasure. The end is not intercourse, learn to enjoy the experience in which you will feel waves of pleasure throughout your body, discover that your sexuality is not only in your genitals, but in your entire body and its nerve endings.

The erotic massage therefore consists of a preparation that consists of a relaxation in which you will free yourself from all the stress and self-discovery of your own body thanks to the erotic massage techniques of our masseuses.

False myths about erotic massage

It's a massage that ends in sexual intercourse

You might think that since erotic massage is an experience of deep contact whose purpose is to achieve a state of absolute relaxation through pleasure, it could involve intercourse. It is not like that, our erotic masseuses connect with you to get to know your erogenous zones and stimulate them so that you feel waves of pleasure. They accompany you on a journey of well-being through their caresses and massage techniques, so you will get to know yourself and your own body better through sexual energy.

The professionalism and experience of our erotic masseuses will introduce you to higher states of pleasure without having to include intercourse in the experience, a completely new world that is within your reach so that you can discover it in Shiva Massage.

Erotic and tantric massages, are they the same?

Erotic massages begin with relaxation and release of tension, a state of preparation so that the masseuses can then stimulate your erogenous zones and discover new levels of pleasure with techniques that you did not know until now.

Tantric massages, on the other hand, are not simply a physical experience at the muscular and nervous level, we must also take into account sexual energy and the spiritual world. Sexuality is the instrument by which to achieve balance between body and spirit.

In tantra, all sexual energy is focused on achieving ecstasy, which is in no case orgasm or ejaculation, but rather personal growth and the fluidity of sexual energy. For this reason, the tantra philosophy does not focus its attention on the genitals, but on each of the parts of the human body.

In our erotic massage center in the heart of Barcelona we have an extensive massage menu in which we can choose erotic or tantric massages. If you want your experience to be on a physical level or if you want to go further and connect more deeply with yourself, you can do both at Shiva Massage thanks to our erotic masseuses.

A massage that excites you cannot be relaxing

This is another of the false myths that have been created around the concept of erotic massage. It is understandable that we do not relate being aroused with relaxation considering the concept of sex in the West. Arousal is understood as a means to reach ejaculation earlier, which is the sole purpose of having a sexual relationship. However, in the Hindu culture among others, sex is understood as a state of pleasure to which we should not rush, but we can enjoy the process.

That is why an erotic massage can also be relaxing, because there is no obligation for us to pursue ejaculation, it is a moment of enjoyment in which tensions are released, the body relaxes and opens to feel pleasure through of the stimulation of the erogenous zones.

Benefits of erotic massage

Reduces stress and prevents erectile dysfunction

This type of massage has short and long-term benefits, in a first session you can already experience how your muscles relax and how stress is relieved. In the long term, by periodically receiving these massages, the heart rhythm is regularized and blood pressure is reduced, achieving a great sense of peace. Chemical substances associated with stress such as cortisol and norepinephrine decrease, which is very beneficial especially for men since stress relief is a method to prevent erectile dysfunction.

Thanks to the movements of erotic massage, our masseuses also manage to stimulate circulation and oxygenate the blood. This not only helps us to drain and eliminate toxins from the body, but also to improve the quality of erections.

Large doses of pleasure

During erotic massage, a large number of endorphins are released naturally, the same as those we release during sexual intercourse. This causes the same pleasure and feeling of well-being without having to have sex. These sensations are so pleasant that they also lead us to mental relaxation and even to achieve emotional balance.

Take care of your beauty

For the skin it is also very beneficial to receive regular massages. The use of essential massage oils allows the exfoliation and deep hydration of the skin thanks to the hand passes. This promotes having a renewed, smooth and shiny skin.

Stimulate your relationship

Once you have received the erotic massage in our center, you will know much better what you like and some massage and stimulation techniques that you can then put into practice with your partner. 

You will learn that it is a very powerful foreplay with which you can spice up your relationships and try new things. Erotic massage will allow you to get to know your partner much better and give him pleasure in different ways.

In addition, you will give more importance to communication, which is key during the massage to know what the other person likes or wants the most. We can extrapolate this to other areas of the relationship because the couple manages to understand the importance of expressing what they want, what they like and what they don’t, or they learn how useful it can be to indicate to their partner how they feel better.

Come and get to know erotic massage in depth, let yourself be carried away by an experience full of eroticism, sensuality and pleasure.

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