Erotic Masseuse Isabella

Height: 170
Weight: 65 Kg
Measures: 80/60/90
Age: 26
Features: Brunette and brown eyes
Nacionalidad: Spain
Language: Spanish / English
Gender: Men, Couples

Isabella: the fantasy of all men

Isabella is a girl, whose silky blonde hair like a golden waterfall falls gently down her shoulders creating a unique beauty effect. Her light brown eyes catch you as soon as she fixes her gaze on your eyes while having the first conversation with you. She has an exquisite body and skin so smooth that it is capable of awakening all your senses and revolutionizing your libido to unimaginable limits. Isabella is a sweet, nice, witty and wild girl who will want to satisfy your every whim. The composition of a beautiful body, an unusual beauty and an attractive personality has created a perfect masseuse like Isabella.

Her hips, breasts and hands are the ideal combination to make you reach an intense orgasm.

World of erotic massages

She will be delighted to introduce you to the world of tantric and erotic massages, taking you on the path of pleasures thanks to her agile and expert hands and her spectacular body.
Isabella was born with the innate genes to give erotic massages and to give pleasure to others using her hands and all her charm to make you feel like the luckiest person in the world. Together with her you will discover the paths of the most intimate and erotic pleasure. Her secret ability is to envelop the people who are next to her in a carefree atmosphere but loaded with extraordinary sensuality.

For Isabella, the exchange of energies with other people is essential to get relaxation and pleasure to work. In order to feel completely comfortable in the hands of a masseuse, it is very important to create an initial bond that ends up developing mutual trust. With her innate charisma she will be able to transform any bond into one full of naturalness and intimacy so that you can finally get to enjoy all the pleasures that a full erotic massage offers.

The symbiosis of emotional and physical pleasure

Her unique personality will catch you from the first moment and will create such an extraordinary connection between the two that you will become addicted to her captivating and sensual massages to the point of not wanting to submit to the hands of other masseurs. Isabella knows how to satisfy you in every way and is an expert in bringing the maximum pleasure to anyone with her goldsmith’s hands, who only knows how to work with the most refined and precious materials on the face of the Earth.

She specializes in tantric, sensitive and erotic massages. Choosing Isabella as your masseuse along with any of the massages she offers will be the best decision you have made in your life.

A woman as unique as Isabella and the extraordinary experience that she will make you live, form a perfect symbiosis of the senses and emotions, both physical and mental. Experience the peace of mind and physical by her side.

Come, try it and let yourself be captivated by Isabella’s delicacy.

All the erotic massages you perform are intended for men and couples.