Erotic Masseuse Noelia

Height: 165
Weight: 55 Kg
Measures: 90/60/90
Age: 23
Features: Blonde with brown eyes
Nationality: Spanish
Language: Spanish / English
Gender: Male, female and couples
Its special technique has allowed him to combine perfectly with the sweet eroticism more relaxed, an explosion of feelings aroused the most sensual of the receiving side. It is a faithful follower of Eastern culture and, therefore, knows the movements and most effective positions for maximum pleasure. And not just at the end of the session, but also during the course of it. From the first time you can taste their great erotic skills.

Enter one of our separate rooms with it is to buy a ticket to eternal peace. Goodbye stress, anxiety and hectic lifestyle. In her opinion, eroticism is a lifestyle: to live is to live intensely know what can you offer sexuality. His specialty is the opposite sex only performs tantric massage men.