Eroticism: The way to a healthier relationship

Break with the routine, throw a gray hair in the air and regain the passion with your partner

It is common for the routine to put a brake on the sexual life of couples. Tiredness, obligations and the monotony of our day to day slowly extinguish the flame of passion.

Hasn’t it happened to you that the lack of sexual appetite in your relationship has brought you more than one problem? Although it may seem like an impossible mission to recover the excitement of the beginning of the relationship, today there are many techniques to make this goal possible.

Why not get out of our comfort zone and into new experiences that break the monotony of our relationship?

Double pleasure

One of the most repeated mistakes in couples is the lack of new techniques in their most intimate relationships. Perhaps out of fear of experimenting or suspicious of the unknown: many couples do not dare to take the step into this world of passion and fantasy. Injecting creativity into your sex life is the key to avoiding the cliches of basic sex.

There are different techniques to live experiences that return the inner flame in the couple. The favorite of most women and men is erotic couples massage. Can you imagine being able to enjoy a sensual erotic massage next to the best company?

At Shiva Massages this specialty is the star service chosen by our clients. It is not surprising that all couples who try it, repeat this experience.

Relaxation and passion accompanied by your better half: One of the best plans out there!

Couples massage

The erotic massage for a couple consists of a relaxation session where both of you can experience, at the same time, the pleasure of receiving a massage with the person you want.

Eye contact will play a very important role in this experience of double pleasure. By receiving a massage at the same time, you and your partner can appreciate how you are both enjoying yourself. This contact will intensify the excitement of the moment, making the pleasure multiply without any limit.

In our massage center, we offer the possibility of adapting these massages to your tastes. First of all, you can choose from our wide range of services, the type of massage that best suits your wishes.

You can also choose the number of masseurs you want to have. There is the option of sharing the masseur or hiring two to receive the massage full time. In the latter case, each one will massage a member of the couple in a harmonious way, managing to synchronize the pleasure experiences at the same time.

You can choose the gender of the masseurs according to your preferences, thus creating your favorite combinations. All the masseurs we offer are highly trained to provide you with an experience of maximum pleasure.

Although the massages are performed on separate tables, the atmosphere of passion that will be breathed will make your massages merge with each other.

Take back the passion

The couples massage will mark a before and after in your intimate life. From this experience, your sexual relationships will change for the better. In addition, the session will not only contribute to improving sex, but will also increase the quality of communication, empathy and coexistence.

Erotic massage for couples are an ideal way to disconnect from the busy life that we lead and that consumes us every day. Work pressure and demands on our responsibilities may be the reasons that contribute to inhibiting sexual desire.

These massages help to relax and reduce accumulated stress. The reality is clear: the more stress, the less erotic desire. In these sessions, the state of peace of mind in which you find yourself will help to considerably increase your sexual appetite.

Monotony is boring. That is why leaving the sexual routine and learning new ways of giving pleasure will help to regain passion. Who says you can’t be creative in your sexual relationships?
These message from the best specialists in eroticism and sensuality will help you discover techniques to stimulate unknown areas of your body. Once you learn these methods, there will be no way, no intention, to eliminate them from your lives.

This sensual experience will also help build trust and intimacy in your relationship. Not only will it increase the physical connection, but it will also enhance the emotional bond. Living these types of experiences strengthens the relationship.

Invest time in you

Relationships have to be taken care of. Many people think that love is permanently maintained over time. However, the reality is very different, since in every relationship you need to invest time and care to maintain the same intensity of the first day.

Over the years, couples have to look for techniques that help them break the monotony. Erotic massages are the solution to achieve a healthy relationship. The confidence, passion and emotion that you will experience will help to rekindle the flame of love that had gradually been extinguished.

Don’t hesitate to invest quality time in your relationship. Our massages will not only transfer you to a fantasy full of sensuality, passion and liberation, but will also improve your relationship and the way you communicate.

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