Is the shower an erotic moment?

The erotic shower is one of the most pleasant moments and demanded by the clients of the massage centers. But is any shower an erotic act?

The Ultimate Guide to Male Orgasm

It is common for the routine to put a brake on the sexual life of couples. Tiredness, obligations and the monotony of our day to day slowly extinguish the flame of passion.

How to give an erotic massage to your partner

An erotic massage is a type of massage that, in addition to being relaxing and providing us with well-being like any other, also leads to a great state of excitement in the other person.

Four hands erotic massage

A four-hand massage is a type of relaxing massage where two masseurs intervene. They use different techniques seeking for the patient to reach a state of relaxation and pleasure at all levels, both physical, mental and spiritual.

Tantric Sex: The Four Key Postures

Tantric sex is a practice based on tantra, a philosophy of life of Eastern origin that uses sexual energy to achieve a connection with oneself.