Four hands erotic massage

How is this massage performed?

A four-hand massage is a type of relaxing massage where two masseurs intervene. They use different techniques seeking for the patient to reach a state of relaxation and pleasure at all levels, both physical, mental and spiritual.

The four-hand massages are based on the philosophy of Ayurveda, on the ancient medicinal art of India. It is a traditional treatment that achieves that man reaches balance on the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional levels. Relax and experience pleasure symmetrically and progressively throughout your body.

In this massage our therapists are coordinated to be able to relax all the muscles in a symmetrical way and complement their techniques so that the erotic massage is much more pleasant, stimulating different erogenous zones at the same time. Thanks to this, the man is able to reach a state of pleasure that he had not discovered before, because instead of a masseuse stimulating two zones at the same time, he has the dedication of a professional masseuse for each zone.

It is important to have the participation of the recipient of the massage. This one has to relax and be surprised. When it is a two-handed massage, the next movement can be predictable, but in a four-handed massage we cannot know what the next movement will be, so it is better to let yourself be surprised by this combination of massage techniques chosen to take the man to maximum pleasure and discover erogenous zones that I didn’t even know about.

The pleasure that a four-hand massage gives you

Our masseuses achieve with the four-hand massage that you feel a pleasure that you had never imagined. In this massage they coordinate and complement their massage techniques so that each new movement surprises you and fills you with pleasure. Forget the tension and let yourself go, the four-hand massage is an experience to surrender to the pleasure you are feeling and feel how your excitement grows as this experience progresses.

Discover pleasures and erogenous zones of your own body that you didn’t even know or didn’t know could be stimulated in such a sensual and intense way. The fact that they can professionally stimulate up to four zones at the same time will transport you to the most absolute pleasure.

In this very sensual and erotic experience your body and mind reach a new state of excitement thanks to our masseuses, they not only perform movements and caresses with their hands, they also use other parts of the body such as arms, elbows, and the body itself. body to go further. A fantasy that comes true.

Enjoy this experience that all men have to live at least once in their lives. Come to Shiva Massage and choose between the 45 min or 1 hour session.

You can consult your doubts or prices by calling the phone +34 934 880 869 or write to us by Whatsapp at +34666930802. So you can also book an appointment and ask about the possibility of receiving this massage at your hotel if you do not want to go to the center. You have more information about erotic massages in your hotel here.

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A four-handed massage is a type of relaxing massage involving two therapists who use various techniques to help the patient achieve a state of relaxation on all levels: physical, mental, and spiritual.

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