How to give a penis massage?

All kinds of massages are pleasant and pleasurable, but in particular, erotic and sensual massages carry another charge and intentionality. In this case, we will talk about penis massages, how to do it, its purpose and the benefits it brings.


Penis massage can have several purposes in a couple. That of enjoying an intimate moment, but it must also be taken into account that this type of massage helps improve blood circulation through the male genital area and can relieve certain discomforts.

What is a penis massage?

It must be made clear that a penis massage is not the same as masturbating. Massage goes beyond the sexual nature that it can entail and seeks to provide pleasure, well-being and both physical and mental relaxation.

The purpose of the penis massage is to seek the well-being of your partner and to enjoy an experience together.

In this case, the massage can act as a foreplay between a couple but it must be understood that this type of massage helps:
  • Improve trust between partners.
  • Improve penile erection.
  • It can help you have more satisfying relationships.

Massaging the penis can also be a different way to break the sexual routine and expand the sexual experiences between the couple and that always goes well.

Before massaging the penis

Although sometimes erotic massages arise spontaneously between couples and always seeking mutual well-being and pleasure, you must have certain considerations in case you plan to give one. To enjoy a pleasant erotic massage with your partner we advise you:

  • Prepare or have a calm, intimate and relaxed environment.
  • Play calming music in the background.
  • Have oil, lotions or lubricant for massages in order to to facilitate movement

Keys for a pleasant massage

To give your partner a good massage and in this case, on the penis, there are key elements that will make the experience more pleasant and the benefits for both greater. We have already mentioned that being in a comfortable and pleasant place will help everything flow better. We have also talked about lubricants or oils, essential to reduce friction and keep the penis area lubricated.

Now yes, we explain the keys to massaging the penis:

Explore the penis

You should start the sensual massage slowly and gently. You must explore your partner’s penis slowly, paying attention to the reaction of your partner and the penis itself to increase or decrease your intensity. Caress all the parts in search of reactions and new sensations; the trunk, scrotum, frenulum, glans and testicles.


The penis is very sensitive so starting slowly will help the sensation improve. Play with the pressure in your movements to impart more force in certain moments and areas. The pressure in your movements will help increase the blood supply of the member in his erection.

Use sex toys

When giving the erotic massage, you can incorporate a sex toy that provides a different touch or sensation to your partner. There are vibrators that can help massage the penis or give it unexpected movement.

Communication and complicity

There must be communication between the couple to know at all times which movements are more pleasant and which are not. There are many ways to massage the penis and you should discover which of them is the one that excites your partner the most or can relax her the most.

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