How to give an erotic massage to your partner

Why give my partner an erotic massage?

An erotic massage is a type of massage that, in addition to being relaxing and providing us with well-being like any other, also leads to a great state of excitement in the other person

The purpose of this massage is not intercourse, but rather this is one of the possible outcomes when this massage is performed on a sexual partner. The objective, however, is to experience one’s own sexuality and that of the other person, to create intimacy and trust with the sexual partner and to achieve self-knowledge.

Of course, if the massage is between the members of a couple, this will be very useful to improve their sexual intimacy. A space to give pleasure to the receiver where he becomes aware of his own body and that leads him to a sexual liberation of his own and with his partner.

How to start the erotic massage

It is extremely important to set the scene where the massage will be given. We can achieve an intimate atmosphere that invites you to relax and let yourself go through different factors. First of all, get a dim and warm light, for this you can modulate the intensity of the light – if you don’t have this possibility, try placing a thin cloth over a lamp – and of course some candles.

Candles not only serve for dim lighting but also provide aroma. Aromatherapy is key because it influences the environment that is going to be created and how you are going to feel, you can choose aphrodisiac and stimulating aromas such as exotic fruits or more relaxing ones such as lavender.

Keep in mind that showing initiative and security is essential for your partner to let himself go, and good communication about which part he likes the most to be massaged or the intensity of the massage will make this experience go much further. Keep in mind that your partner may discover erogenous zones that he did not know before or that had never been caressed in an erotic massage, so it is time to discover and listen.

Go up a little higher and stop at the hamstrings, the part behind the knee. All areas of thin skin that are folds are highly sensitive, in addition to the hamstrings, so are the armpits and groin. Gently caress and observe your partner, being such a sensitive area you may only need to stop there for a few seconds and move on to the next area because in addition to pleasure, it also produces a lot of tickles.

The best erotic massage

Massage oil is going to be your greatest ally. Put it in your hands and rub them to warm them so that the contact with your partner’s skin is pleasant from the first moment. It is very pleasant to follow an order in the areas that are massaged because it makes the pleasure go in crescendo.

There are several orders that you can follow, with practice you will discover which one your partner likes the most. We suggest you start from the feet and go up. The feet are very important erogenous zones because in addition to producing pleasure per se they are also reflex zones. This means that they are connected to other areas of the body and we will feel pleasure both in the foot and in its reflex zone. In addition to being doubly pleasant, it is also an area that helps us create a lot of expectation and therefore increase the desire in our partner. For the receiving person it will be a surprise to feel pleasure in the reflex zone that is not being touched and they will let themselves go much more. 

Use more oil when necessary, in areas such as the buttocks you can also use the hot oil from massage candles. You will see how the heat effect makes your massage even more sensual and exciting. On the buttocks, massage by moving your thumbs in circles and combine this movement with a linear massage from the bottom up. If you want to go a little further, separate your partner’s legs and when you are at the bottom of the buttock, make the movement reach his groin but without going beyond.

With your palms outstretched, go up from your buttocks to your neck, repeating this movement 3 or 4 times. Now focus on the back, making circular movements first on one side of the spine and then on the other. This is the best time for your partner to feel the touch of your body, do not just use your hands, let him feel your body for a few moments rubbing his back when you are massaging his neck. In addition to being very sensual, it helps create a stronger feeling of closeness.

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