How to prepare for an erotic massage?

Discover the best tips that will make you enjoy the experience to the fullest

Are you about to experience an erotic massage or do you plan to do so in the future? More and more people and couples decide to surrender to the pleasure and relaxation of these sessions. To enjoy this experience without limits, you need to follow some of the basic tips that professionals recommend.

If it is the first time that you dare to enjoy an erotic massage, you must put aside all your prejudices to enjoy without any fear the most relaxing and sensual experience that exists. However, if you are already an expert in the world of tantra, stick around to discover the tricks that will greatly increase your pleasure.

Find a day off

Tranquility will be the key to success in erotic massages. For this reason, the ideal would be to book the appointment on your day off. Having no responsibilities to worry about will help keep your mind clear throughout the massage.

You should not go to an erotic massage during your half hour of rest, since you will not be able to disconnect from your obligations and the experience will be counterproductive. You must choose a time of day when you are not in a hurry and you can relax without any inconvenience.

Remember that in erotic massage both physical and mental factors come into play. Therefore, having the mind without any worries will help to achieve a more intense and deep stimulation.

Avoid copious meals

Although it may go unnoticed, the meal prior to the massage is very important. In fact, copious meals are not recommended, since the stomach will take time to digest.

Also, did you know that some drinks and foods decrease sexual appetite? Fried food, soy and sugary soft drinks are some of the foods that you should avoid eating and ingesting before an erotic massage. Alcohol can also be the worst enemy in a massage. While it is true that alcoholic beverages can relax a person, in the long run they will end up harming your peace of mind.

Avoid heavy meals, foods that decrease libido, and alcohol. These stimulants will dull your sensitivity, preventing you from fully enjoying the experience.

Prioritize punctuality

It is highly recommended to go to the center before the set time to relax and get used to the environment without any hurry. If you arrive with just enough time, it will cost you more to relax and enjoy the erotic massage. For this reason, to receive the massage, you must find the time that best suits your rhythm of life.

Your masseuse wants to work with you throughout the scheduled session. However, if you are late, it is very likely that your time will be shortened.

These minutes prior to the massage will help you relax, connect with yourself and mentalize the experience you are about to live. Even if you have a stressful and busy day, this time will make you disconnect from the busy routine you have.

Also, in this period of time, you will be able to take advantage of all the basic physiological needs. Thus, you will avoid that during the massage you feel like going to the bathroom and interrupt the massage development.

Communicate without fear

During the massage, do not hesitate to express to your masseuse everything you think is appropriate. Sometimes, it is possible that we have a sensitive area that instead of pleasure, we get pain. For this reason, it is so important to communicate it so that the professional can take the appropriate measures.

You should not be afraid to say what you feel at all times. In fact, the masseuse will thank you for your involvement, since you will be making her job easier. Building a relationship of trust will be the solution to many of the problems that may arise during the session.

Remember that the protagonist of this experience is you. The masseuse will always do her best to make you feel comfortable and enjoy the entire massage.

Anyone who wants to go one step further and make the most of the benefits of massage can tell their masseuse their likes and dislikes so that the experience adjusts to their needs as much as possible.

Prepare your body and mind

To fully enjoy an erotic massage you have to prepare yourself mentally and physically. In this almost mystical experience, all the elements of the person come into play. For this reason, synchronizing your thoughts with your body will be one of the objectives during the session so that you can enjoy it with all your senses.

If you follow all these tips prior to the massage, you will be able to enjoy your session to the fullest and you will also ensure that no setbacks occur during the experience. In addition, over time, you will gradually get to know your tastes and your most special sensitivities that will end up making you enjoy yourself to the maximum level.

Give yourself a treat and come visit us at the best erotic massage center in Barcelona. Call us to specify the day, time and your favorite massage, leave the rest in our hands.

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