Is the shower an erotic moment?

The erotic movie shower we all want

The erotic shower is one of the most pleasant moments and demanded by the clients of the massage centers. But is any shower an erotic act?

How many times have you seen scenes of characters taking a relaxing shower in the movies? Surely many, although the reality is that not all end with a happy ending. This is demonstrated by one of the most popular scenes in cinema, where Hitchcock is murdered at the hands of Norman Bates. However, if you choose the service of an erotic shower at Shiva Massages, a happy ending is guaranteed.

If you are wondering what exactly an erotic bath is, in this article you will be able to know all its curiosities.

The erotic shower

Why not get out of what we are used to and enter new experiences that break the monotony? The erotic shower is one of these places where you can enjoy new sensations.

This sought after service in our center consists of a bathroom where you can enjoy the company, sensuality and skills of the best erotic masseuse. Sharing the shower with someone can be one of the most erotic moments, and it can be even more so when the companion is a sensual masseuse.

Using different techniques through their hands, the masseurs will massage each part of your body, especially stimulating the most erogenous parts. Only our masseuses will be able to cause you this ecstasy.

As in all our services, all massages can be adjusted to the tastes and preferences of the recipient. The masseuse will always listen to your needs and will satisfy your desires.


Normally, the erotic shower is used as foreplay before starting the erotic massage. Through her sensuality and eroticism, the masseuse drenched in the shower water will captivate each of your senses during the experience.

Starting with this service will help you break the ice, thus increasing comfort and fluidity in the subsequent experience. Therefore, the ideal combination for everyone who wants to experience a sensation of maximum pleasure is to start with a sensual shower and end with a relaxing erotic massage.

Direct contact between the masseuse’s bare skin and her companion under the hot water jets will help create an exciting, confident and sensual climate where the client can make one of her fantasies come true.

A sensual display

In the first place, hot water is one of the elements that will help increase the sensations and eroticism in this experience. The skin in direct contact with hot water is a key stimulant to intensify the arousal of the body. Changes in temperature will also be a very effective tool to use to increase arousal during the shower.

Another element that will significantly improve the experience is to use lubricating gel. It may seem like an obvious procedure, but using gel in an erotic shower is one of the key steps for the massage to improve its quality and to develop successfully.

The masseuse begins the massage by lathering the client’s entire body. She usually begins by massaging the muscular areas where the most tension accumulates and continues with the most exciting areas of the body. As the massage progresses, the sensations of pleasure will too.

The mixture of hot water with soap and the masseur’s hands sliding over each part of your body will make you live one of the best experiences of your life.

The benefits

Erotic baths are a perfect technique to recover your sexual life. Over the years, monotony, stress and routine can seriously affect your sexual relationships. However, through erotic showers you can recover it and return it to normal.

The eroticism of being naked under a jet of hot water accompanied by a professional erotic masseuse will help you de-stress and give you back the sexual passion that you were looking for so much.

In addition, the erotic shower is also a tool that will serve for the complete relaxation of your body. For people looking for alternatives to medicines, it is important to find mechanisms that allow you to disconnect from all the stress that you have accumulated.

Our showers are the best option to disconnect from the routine and the accumulated tension throughout the week. Remember that in order to face life with positivity it is necessary to dedicate time to yourself. What better way to connect with your interior than to live the pleasant experience of an erotic shower?

A movie shower

At Shiva Masajes we offer the possibility of enjoying the best erotic baths in the city. Our facilities and our expert masseurs will make your visit an excellent meeting.

At least once in your life you have to treat yourself to the whim of being able to live the experience of an erotic shower. Think that, in this experience, in addition to enjoying an exciting and pleasant moment, your body will also benefit.

Visiting us will only bring you benefits and joys. Dare to stop and catch some air at some point in your week, and come and enjoy one of our baths. If you visit our center, we can assure you that you will be able to enjoy an erotic movie shower. You will not regret!

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